Images via Twitter: @brkicks/Leland.com

Michael Jordan underpants with signs of ‘definite use’ sold for R42k!

Are you willing to pay R42k for a pair of used underwear? One Michael Jordan fan is! The lucky person is now the owner of the basketball player’s boxers.


Images via Twitter: @brkicks/Leland.com

One Michael Jordan fanatic is now the lucky owner of the basketball star’s tighty-whiteys and we can bet that he is pretty chuffed with himself.

The underwear was put on auction in August this year and was finally sold to the biggest Michael Jordan fan who forked out an unbelievable amount of money to call himself the owner of someone else’s used underwear.

Michael Jordan’s used boxers auctioned for a cool R42k

Sports fans can be pretty extreme and one oke proved this after he (or she!) paid a whopping $2784 (R41 973,62) for a pair of boxers that once belonged to basketball legend Michael Jordan.

The white pair of boxers went on auction at Leland Auctions on 25 September this year and was sold to the highest of 19 bidders who is now the new owner of the underwear which was described by the auctioneers as having signs of “definite use”.

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Despite what it sounds like, the underwear was taken to a dry cleaner beforehand, the ‘definite use’ only refers to some loose threads that are hanging from the pants.

According to TMZ, the underwear was taken to Leland Auctions by Michael Jordan’s friend and bodyguard John Michael Wozniak who also gave the auction house a few other items that once belonged to the basketball player.

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