Mi Casa

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Mi Casa collaborates with Berlin duo for new dancefloor single [listen]

South African afro-house trio Mi Casa has ‘tuned up’ with multiplatinum-selling YouNotUs on ‘Chucks’.

Mi Casa

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Mi Casa kick straight back after the huge success of their smash hit Mamela with their first international collaboration since signing their international record deal with Universal Music Group’s Afroforce1 Records in May 2020. 

The Afro-house group has teamed up with Berlin-based production duo YouNotUs for the fifth official single from their We Made It album. Chucks — which was released on 26 March — is their long-awaited “tribute to living well” and has been waiting in the wings for the right time to bring some of that Mi Casa spirit back into the party feels.

YouNotUs will be flying out to shoot the video alongside Mi Casa in Namibia. 

Listen to the lyrics-only release of ‘Chucks’ so long here:

Mi Casa frontman J’Something has always held a special place in his heart for the track:

“It’s about making the most of every single moment because the future is not a given – all we have is right now and that time needs to be lived”.  

YouNotUs touch to ‘Chucks’

Having the opportunity to collaborate with international, multi-platinum EDM front-runners YouNotUs is an example of where Mi Casa’s musical ambition has seen them reach.

“Getting the YouNotUs touch to Chucks has completely transformed it and we cannot wait to see how it lifts people’s spirits and hopefully it will land on fertile soil,” added J’Something.

Remote collaboration

 Luckily for technology the two acts were able to collaborate completely remotely during lockdown and working with the Mi Casa track brought out all the “summer feelings” in the Berlin-based act. 

“During the production we were inspired by the longing for warm summer nights spent partying. We feel this song will guide us back into summer and a more carefree time,” commented Tobias and Gregor from YouNotUs. 

Mi Casa in a nutshell

Mi Casa have dominated the South African music charts for the past 10 years with a total of eight No 1 singles and a wall of awards and accolades, including no less than five South African Music Awards (Sama).

The trio consists of Joao Da Fonseca (aka J’Something) as the lead singer/songwriter, Sipho Mphahlaza (aka Dr Duda) as DJ/producer and Moshe Kgasoane (aka Mo-T) as the band’s trumpeter.