Mamazala Dirty Gogo House dispute

‘Mamazala’ viewers are wondering why gogo is being neglected. Images via Twitter:
@Namgwezana and

‘Gogo is dirty’: Mavis wants ‘Mamazala’ out of her house

Tweeps were confused as to why gogo looked like she hasn’t bathed in a long time. Gogo said in the ‘Mamazala’ episode that she stays alone.

Mamazala Dirty Gogo House dispute

‘Mamazala’ viewers are wondering why gogo is being neglected. Images via Twitter:
@Namgwezana and

Mavis Aphane wants the mother of her late husband out of her house. She claims her mother-in-law took over her house without notice and is now refusing to leave.

She contacted Moja Love’s Mamazala and asked them to help remove her mother-in-law because the stand was allocated to her by the chief.

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Mavis told the presenter of the show Dingaan Siyabonga Khumalo that ever since she got married to the Aphanes, they have never treated her well.

Her husband has since passed on. The house dispute did not start when her husband passed, it started when they got married but her husband did not fight his family for the house because he was not a person that liked confrontations.

She says she want that house because she no longer has the strength to go and look for another stand.

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“When my husband passed on, the house was complete but all that was missing was just the window panes and doors. They fooled me. After the cleansing, I was still handling the house matter with the chief. They realised that I was fixing the house so they quickly moved in,” Mavis said of her in-laws.

Her in-laws were summoned by the chief but they have never pitched. She cannot o back to hoer house because not only have they taken over her house, they have arrested her for it.

“They got me arrested for installing the gate because there was not a gate on the fence,” Mavis said.


When the team arrived at Mavis’ house, Gogo told them that she did not kick Mavis out, they just had a misunderstanding.

“She once brought my child, just as my son was sick, Mavis said i should take care of him, she said she was leaving…he died in my hands…she promised to come back but she only came back in the second week”

Dingaan then quickly went into the house issue, this is where gogo said she is the one who made the bricks that were used to build the house. She also said she bought the stand with her own money.

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“I just recently bought this house but I have had this stand for a while…I’ll call the person who fetched who fetched those bricks and brought them here. I will fetch him tomorrow because she’s fighting for my home,” gogo said. Mavis disputed this and said she bought the bricks.

Gogo then said that she never has peace when she needs it, “I don’t even know what Mavis is doing because she took all the furniture. She even said that the cars belong to her husband. I’ve just been quiet. She took the chairs, the TV and even the TV stand….I bought these things with my parent’s cattle money.”

Tweeps have however poked fun at gogo’s appearance.

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