Makhadzi reminds fans that celebs are human too. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi leaves fans dazed as she admits to publicity stunt for new song

Makhadzi takes the heat on Twitter after a publicity stunt to promote her new song with King Monada rubs fans up the wrong way.


Makhadzi reminds fans that celebs are human too. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi is one of South Africa’s most loved voices on the South African music scene. A video of the 25-year-old jamming to her new single, Ghanama, next to King Monada and Prince Benza went viral leaving South Africans wanting more of the track. 

Both Makhadzi and Monada have made a spectacular name for themselves in the music industry, so a collaboration between the two is just what South Africans would have hoped for. 


After the Ganama teaser took Twitter by storm, Makhadzi slammed assumptions that King Monada had sole ownership of the song. Both artists shared their versions of the story on Facebook Live with Makhadzi sharing that King Monada had given her a song to lay a verse on. 

Makhadzi also accused King Monada of “treating her like a dog” in studio. 

Makhadzi’s version

After recording the song, she felt that it wasn’t for her and further clarified that the particular song was owned by Monada. After being stuck in Tzaneen, Limpopo, with a puncture, Makhadzi thought it best to re-record the verse at Monada’s studio. 

The two then recorded two songs, one of which they promised each other would be Makhadzi’s song. Monada responded to Makhadzi’s video, recording his own where confirmed that Makhadzi visited his studio in Limpopo, saying that ownership of the song was to go to the two of them.


The Matorokisi hitmaker took to Twitter and admitted that the social media war between her and King Monada was a publicity stunt to gain traction for the song. She mentioned that because the official song will be dropping on on Friday 2 July, she wanted to inform fans about what the real scoop was. 

“Tomorrow we are dropping Ghanama official audio MAKHADZI AND KING MONADA FT PRINCE BENZA … I would like to inform everyone that me and monada we are fine we did those live videos for publicity stunt.. And it really worked for our song to be known before the release. #ganama” 

Fans were left shocked and confused at Makhadzi’s tweet and this is how they reacted.

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