Makhadzi Image via Twitter @MakhadziSA

Makhadzi officially drops ‘Ganama’…but where’s King Monada? [listen]

As Makhadzi drops the official ‘Ganama’ track, fans are demanding answers from Makhadzi about King Monada.


Makhadzi Image via Twitter @MakhadziSA

Ganama was the single that had Twitter excited for what’s next for the 25-year-old songstress Makhadzi.

But Makhadzi, who is one of Mzansi’s most promising voices, caused quite the stir after admitting that her “social media war” with King Monada was a publicity stunt to draw more attention to the song. 


After a short clip of the Limpopo born songstress, King Monada and Prince Benza one of Makhadzi’s regular collaborators) went viral on social media, Makhadzi felt the need to set the record straight on who has ownership of the song. 

In a heated Facebook Live video she explained that she and King Monada had an agreement that they would record two songs one, one of which was solely Makhadzi’s. They had finished up the songs at King Monada’s studio in Tzaneen, Limpopo after Makhadzi’s tour bus was stuck there while she was travelling. 

Monada confirmed Makhadzi’s visit to his studio but said ownership of one song was meant to go to them both. 

Listen to ‘Ganama’ here


After their back and forth, the Mjolo hit maker admitted to the publicity stunt saying that everything is fine between her and Monada saying that their “social media war” worked for the song to have a bigger reach.

In the tweet she had mentioned that the song was to be officially released on 2 July, but kept fans waiting. And now that the song has been released, it seems to have left Monada off the song leaving fans asking why.

Makhadzi is yet to officially respond about why King Monada was left out. 

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Makhadzi took to Twitter just after midnight to officially drop the song but the song’s featured artist is Prince Benza. Where is King Monada? Many fans expressed their distress about Monada no longer being featured on the song. 

One Twitter user wrote:

What is this wena makhadzi? A song went viral with different voices now you remove king monada from your song ai wa bhora serious. I have said it a song won’t hit the same if you guys removes one of you from the song.