Liam Stoffberg TikTok

Liam Stoffberg TikTok

Capetonian Liam Stoffberg hits 2.2 million TikTok followers

South African TikTok star @liamstoffbergg talks about success, fans and his catchphrases along with advice on how to grow an audience.

Liam Stoffberg TikTok

Liam Stoffberg TikTok

Cape Town’s Liam Stoffberg may have started out posting videos on TikTok as a joke, but now it’s a full-time career with a fan base of millions.

In August 2019, the 20-year-old content creator became acquainted with the popular social media platform. And, although it initially started off as “a joke”, it has now become a full-time job for Stoffberg.

“TikTok is my full-time job at the moment although I do intend studying next year,” Stoffberg said.

As a young content creator, his overall mission is to entertain the TikTok audience by posting hilarious yet relatable content. You’ll find him under his name, spelt with an extra “g” as @liamstoffbergg.

Stoffberg said it became “addictive” once he started receiving “heaps of positive feedback”.

What exactly is a TikTok career?

While people might assume that TikTok content creation is easy, Stoffberg said that has never been the case for him.

“I put a lot of effort into planning, filming and editing my videos to ensure I receive the desired reach.”

During the week, for example, Stoffberg starts his mornings off by brainstorming scenarios. He generally looks for the kind of set-up that might get teenagers into trouble.

“Once I’ve got an idea, I write it down in a dialogue. I plan line for line what I’m going to do in terms of body gestures, facial expressions and camera angles.”

Then he begins filming which, according to him, takes him “anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours”. He edits next on his phone, which takes up to another hour.

Liam Stoffberg TikTok
Liam Stoffberg. Image: Supplied

Liam Stoffberg’s TikTok anniversary

August marks Stoffberg’s one-year anniversary of creating content for TikTok. He attributes his success to a combination of all his videos.

“There is not a single video I can name that’s responsible for my success on the app. It’s rather this ongoing conflict between my mom character and me.”

He develops the characters from “real life encounters” or from “common stereotypes”.

Despite Stoffberg “not registering” how large a following on TikTok he has, the characters work. He is verified with 2.2 million followers and 55.9 million likes.

“As an introverted person it has been an uplifting experience receiving so much love and support,” he said. “It has definitely helped me mature.”

Liam Stoffberg’s catchphrases

When watching Stoffberg’s TikTok videos, the audience becomes familiar with two catchphrases, the first being “fam-a-lam” and the second being “ayo ma se”.

The TikToker says the second catchphrase was spontaneous when he was recording the video, titled When Your Mom Contradicts Herself .

It has since become a trend for him to say “ayo ma se” in his videos whenever his character gets a fright.

“The phrase has no meaning whatsoever and is simply used for comedic effect.”

Many TikTokers receive hate comments and he believes the best way to deal with this is to ignore them, or use them as fuel.

The app also generally allows users to be less self-conscious and more outgoing.

“It has taught me to do whatever I am passionate about without having to worry about other people’s negative opinions,” said Stoffberg.


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TikTok tips and tricks

If you are looking for tips to create engaging TikTok content, he suggests the following:

  1. Establish your target market to create appropriate content.
  2. Be aware of the impact you could potentially have on your target audience “especially on the younger audience”. Avoid conveying the wrong message.
  3. Check what your followers are saying in the comments as this will help you to discover your niche.
  4. Remain consistent with the quality and frequency of your videos.
  5. Remain humble and grateful towards your followers by responding to or liking their comments and messages.
  6. Focus on yourself and achieving your personal goals. Avoid comparing yourself to other creators.

“As much as TikTok is an individual craft, us creators work as a team to help one another grow,” Stoffberg said.

And, whenever he is having a bad day, he reads through messages from supporters to lift his mood.

The TikToker is incredibly grateful for all the support he has received and noted: “If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today”.