kyknet-kwarantyn-reality show

Your family can win R250k with their lockdown living on new reality show

KykNET is looking for two families willing to spend another two more months in lockdown when the rest of South Africa would be free from its constraints.

kyknet-kwarantyn-reality show

Two Gauteng-based South African families will be quarantined under camera surveillance in two separate houses for the duration of 60 days in an undisclosed location with the winning family walking away with a whopping R250 000.

Kwarantyn follows after the success of Trap! Dis My Huis produced by Afrokaans, which saw contestants forced to live together in a small two-bedroom complex unit with a cash prize for the last one standing.

24-hour surveillance of ‘inmates’

The chosen families will take on a series of tasks, games and projects allocated by “Die Opsigter”. These challenges will afford the “inmates” with rewards in the form of data, TV time and limited resources among other benefits.

In the duration of the 60 days, each member is expected to set and achieve a personal goal with the help of “Die Opsigter.”

Instagram updates

A budget fitting the 60-day period will be allocated to the two families to meet their day-to-day needs. An Instagram account will be assigned for each member, with a duty to manage and maintain the account on a daily basis.

“Inmates” will be required to do a daily chat session in a Big Brother type of set-up with an on-duty director.

Kwarantyn will be streamed on the KykNET YouTube channel live 24/7 although no broadcast date has been announced yet. Viewers will vote on a daily basis to decide which of the two families they think is deserving of the R250 000 cash prize.

Who can enter kykNET’s ‘Kwarantyn’?

  • All participants must be older than 18 years;
  • Interested applicants are required to send a video of their family in which they share what makes their family interesting and why they believe they should be selected for the show;
  • Participants must be able to speak Afrikaans;
  • Participants should be South African citizens from the Gauteng province; and
  • Each family should have five to eight “participants” to qualify. Extended families are allowed, this includes boyfriends, in-laws, etc.

Gauteng families who think they’ve got what it takes, will have to film a family video and send it on WhatsApp to 067-799-1444 or visit the Kyknet website for more information.