Kim Engelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht chats to The South African about her role in ‘Raised By Wolves’ and more. Image: Supplied

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Engelbrecht gets candid about ‘Raised By Wolves’

The South African caught up with Kim Engelbrecht about her role as Decima in the hit science-fiction series, ‘Raised By Wolves’.

Kim Engelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht chats to The South African about her role in ‘Raised By Wolves’ and more. Image: Supplied

South African actress Kim Engelbrecht is flying high as an international success. The 41-year-old actress joined season two of Raised By Wolves which is currently streaming on Showmax. 

The South African caught up with Engelbrecht about her role as Decima in the science-fiction series, jumping over the COVID-19 hurdle as an actress and what’s next for her. 

Since you joined Raised By Wolves season two, the world has been raving about your role! How does it feel to be a part of the hit science-fiction series? 

“It’s incredible! You get to jump into a world that has already been carved out by other actors. It’s a Ridley Scott production out of the mind of Aaron Guzikowski. You get to basically live out something that you would never ordinarily do and that’s always quite exciting.”

“The funny thing is, it’s not like the normal pressures of a different character because this character is based on nothing. It’s not based in the real. So you as a person can create how you would envision this character to be.”

You played the lead role in the thriller drama series Reyka in 2021… How was the transition from that genre to science-fiction in Raised By Wolves? 

“I obviously did my research in terms of that line of work,  what it’s all about and what the jargon would be like”. 

“[Decima] has a daughter who is an android who she created in the image of her deceased daughter and she was held hostage when a ship was hijacked and she obviously went on board to fix the hibernation system which then failed.”

“You get all of this information, you try to do as much research as possible and then when you get to set, you get rid of that and you just give over to the world.”

“Computer-generated imagery (CGI) gets added, Sound effects (SFX) get added. What you think you’re going to see, is not what you’re gonna see when it comes on screen.” 

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How did it feel to shoot Raised By Wolves in Cape Town? 

“For me, it was incredible to go from a show which is more rooted in “the real” (Reyka) and going into this. which is ‘not rooted in the real’ at all.”

“It was quite exciting to be able to immerse myself, then take a breath of fresh air. Everything is done at the Cape Town Film Studios, so a lot of it is studio-based so that they can have a bit of control in terms of like CGI and all of those things.”

“A lot of it is done on location and there is a huge blue screen or a huge green screen. There are huge cranes. I just think the landscape that South Africa offers is insane because the show is also very scale-based where you just see the depth of the landscape and just the expansiveness of the landscape.”

Kim Engelbrecht
Kim Engelbrecht’s role as Decima in ‘Raised By Wolves’ landed her a spot on IMDb’s Top 2 500 actresses in the world. Image: Supplied

You are a South African actress with a role in an American television series. Is it difficult to act with an accent?

“I don’t think so, I think I just tried to create Decima as… Unplaceable. The beautiful thing about sci-fi is that there are no restrictions. There are no types, no archetypes.”

“Everything that you think, it doesn’t have to be that. I mean she’s got a daughter who’s an android, we’ve got serpents flying in the sky who is actually somebody’s child. As the show progresses you find out more about the characters.”

What does a relaxing day in the life of Kim Engelbrecht look like? 

“I’m an avid reader. I’m also very good at doing nothing. I love to take walks. Let’s be honest… I’m usually learning lines. I love doing research, I love information, I love all of the things that offers me and yeah, taking recordings of my lines and listening to them.”

“I love watching old re-runs of shows. I think it’s because it takes a lot of thinking for me to get into a new show.” 

What is your motto in life? 

“Trying to be adaptable”. 

What is your most treasured possession? 

“I don’t really have a lot of jewelry so every piece of jewelry I have… That’s what I wear almost every single day.”

“I look after those little things and my suitcase, so I can travel so more”.

What is your favourite travel destination? 

“Recently I’ve just been travelling for work…. I don’t think I’ve ever been to my favourite travel destination. I just did Germany, Amsterdam and a bit of Europe.”

“I’ve never had a beach holiday where you walk around like a bather.” 

COVID-19 is still a big hurdle in the entertainment industry, has it been difficult for you as an actress to navigate around the pandemic? 

“For the first few months I wasn’t really working and then you start getting a little bit worried. And then Reyka happened and it was one of the first productions I had done.”

“I had obviously done voice work, then we did Reyka. We were travelling in Durban, Johannesburg and then we moved onto Raised By Wolves.”

“I was very lucky and fortunate to be able to work during most of the pandemic so far.” 

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

“You’re capable”. 

What’s next for Kim Engelbrecht? Are there any new roles your fans can look forward to? 

“I’ve got a few scripts that I’ve been reading but nothing that’s actually been signed. I’ll see what happens.”

“I think with the pandemic, you become a lot more patient with yourself and the trajectory of your career so I’m kind of patient, but I’m always ready.”

“[Also] a trip to Europe for me next because Reyka is in 80 different territories. And I think it’s launching in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.”

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