Judge Steve Harvey

‘Judge Steve Harvey’ has fans in stitches. Image via Twitter @JudgeHarveyABC

All rise! ‘Judge Steve Harvey’ leaves fans in stitches [watch]

‘Hilarious and chaotic at the same time’: ‘Judge Steve Harvey’ sees the TV personality resolve real-life conflicts with a touch of humour.

Judge Steve Harvey

‘Judge Steve Harvey’ has fans in stitches. Image via Twitter @JudgeHarveyABC

American television presenter Steve Harvey has had the privilege of hosting several television shows and beauty pageants over the years. From Family Feud to Miss Universe, Harvey has done it all. The 64-year-old television presenter has however swapped his slick tuxedo for a gavel in the new ABC series Judge Steve Harvey


Judge Steve Harvey is a comedy series that will see people present their real-life conflicts in the hope that Harvey will come to their aid. It is reported that the conflicts will include family disputes, sour friendships and more. Harvey will be assisted by his bailiff Nancy Price. 

 “Viewers tuning into Judge Steve Harvey will watch as I tackle tough and at times, entertaining issues while also providing much-needed advice and good old-fashioned common sense to the litigants in my court,” said Harvey to TV Insider

Executive vice president of unscripted and alternative entertainment at Walt Disney Television, Rob Mills said Harvey’s wit and charm come together perfectly for the series. 

The comedy series premiered on Tuesday 4 January. Unfortunately for South Africans, the show is unavailable in Mzansi but there are clips to watch on YouTube.



If you thought Harvey was a real judge then you are sadly mistaken. As per Good Housekeeping, being a judge in the real world takes a whole lot more than just being a comedic genius. 

To be a real judge, one has to obtain their bachelor’s degree before taking (and passing) the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). After law school, you have to earn a Juris Doctor degree which is the highest professional graduate degree in the field.

Thereafter, you’ll have to pass the bar exam and work your way up to becoming a judge. 

It is reported that Harvey attended Kent State University in Ohio where he majored in advertising. He dropped out in his third year. 

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Judge Steve Harvey has already received great reviews on Twitter. Many have complimented Harvey for his humour in the courtroom. 

One tweep wrote: “I can’t f*cking lie this Steve Harvey Judge show has me in tears I’m a fan.” 

Another wrote: ‘This Steve Harvey judge show is hilarious and chaotic at the same time!”

“Steve Harvey judge show is good.”