Jashmir TikTok tips

Image via Instagram/@Jashmirsa

Jashmir shares his top seven tips to building your TikTok following

Durban content creator Jashmir, known for his viral remixes, shares his secrets for how to boost your fanbase on TikTok.

Jashmir TikTok tips

Image via Instagram/@Jashmirsa

Durban-based content creator, DJ and producer Jashmir is known for his viral remixes which have been killing it on TikTok.

It seems like every other week Jashmir is trending, first with his AmaiPhone video and then with My Ma Se Kind.  

He put together his top seven tips to build your Tik-Tok following and shares these with the South African readers.

For You Page (FYP)

The FYP on TikTok is similar to Instagram’s “explore” feature where content is selected according to an algorithm of what the app thinks you like.

This page also shows top engaged videos therefore you want to get your content on this page.

“If you post a video and 10 people comment in the first few minutes then TikTok will put that video on the FYP where it goes viral. A few days ago I posted a meme and it had 1.4-million views in 2 days,” said Jashmir.

Use strategic hashtags

When you use hashtags your video gets ranked under those hashtags and when someone clicks on that hashtag your video will appear. Trending hashtags like #Foryousouthafrica are good to use.

Hashtags like #DanceUp which was created for dance content and #humorUp which was created for meme content also work. These were a part of the #SpiritsUp competition on TikTok where creators used that hashtag for content and the video with the most views won a voucher.

TikTok posting times

Take the peak usage hours on TikTok into consideration when posting in order to get the best engagement.

“Personally, I post between 5-6pm. That way I get more engagement in the first few minutes of posting,” said Jashmir.

TikTok recognises this early engagement as viral potential and pushes it on the FYP.


Jashmir says that interacting with his audience has been key. He posts sneak peeks and teasers before posting the actual content, which he says tend to bring in more followers. It also creates excitement for the upcoming post.

He also interacts with his audience by asking them to comment with their thoughts and opinions on his posts.

Hop on trends

Hop on the trending content and create duets with celebrities and influencers. They tend to repost your video if they like it and so their followers also are likely to see this.

TikTok dance challenges

Search for the most-used song on TikTok and create content with that song.

People who click on that sound see your video and are able to engage with it. Using trending sounds tends to get you more views.

Meme content

Providing meme content is a niche to help you gain followers. You will be offering entertainment and laughter to your audience, and who doesn’t enjoy a fun, feel-good feeling? They will want more!