YouTube star James Charles bla

James Charles with a baby bump. Image via Instagram @jamescharles

YouTube star James Charles blasted over ‘pregnancy’ stunt [watch]

Social media users are fuming over influencer James Charles’s ‘insensitive’ and ‘disrespectful’ ‘pregnancy’ shoot and video.

YouTube star James Charles bla

James Charles with a baby bump. Image via Instagram @jamescharles

Social media users have lashed out at James Charles over the 12 February posts to promote his YouTube video, 24 Hours Being Pregnant.


Posing without any clothing, the make-up guru sported a fake baby bump as he sat in front of a flower set-up and whiteback drop for a ‘pregnancy’ shoot. He shared the pictures with his 26.8 million Instagram followers and 7.8 million Twitter followers.


The post received more than 3.9 million likes on Instagram. Fans were initially confused at how the male influencer could be pregnant but confusion quickly turned to anger as fans commented. Some said the picture was insensitive to women who could not conceive. Others though James Charles was being disrespectful.

“Umm this is not a joke?This is not ok? Are you guys seriously allowing this to be ok?” @rasharassi commented.

“Imagine trying to make FEMALE PREGNANCY cute and trendy for views,” @campidoll said.

“Bit insensitive for those who can’t conceive,” @becksmayo posted.

“I love you James. But be ready to expect backlash. This wasn’t a good move. It’s very insensitive and I’m generally not a sensitive person. Sorry bud. This ain’t right,” @ciara.nicole1 said.

“This is honestly such a slap in the face and trigger to women who struggle with infertility. Joking about pregnancy is cruel and hurtful,” @ashlee_bible said.

“This is offensive and disrespectful. Smh,” @ si_xoxo4 said.


The stunt was to promote James Charles’s new YouTube video 24 Hours Being Pregnant, which received more than seven million views.

Charles’s best friend, Laura Mellado, is expecting her second child and she challenged him to be ‘pregnant’ for 24 hours.

In the 15-minute video, James Charles is seen putting on a fake baby bump, going on food runs and mimicking contractions. Behind-the-scenes moments from the ‘pregnancy’ photoshoot are also shared.


Aside from the ‘pregnancy’ photoshoot backlash, fans were angered that American singer Halsey was mentioned in the video.

“Very Halsey,” said one of his friends in the video as he posed for the shoot.

Halsey announced her pregnancy at the end of January after being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016, and struggling to conceive.

Halsey referred to her new baby as a “rainbow baby”. This term often used to describe a baby that arrives after an earlier miscarriage or still birth. The singer once suffered a miscarriage in the middle of a concert.

After Halsey’s tough time conceiving, social media users felt James Charles and his friend were out of line.


Not everyone was offended by James Charles’s video and some fans jumped in to defend the YouTuber.

“This is the best video you have ever done. ???????????????? I was loving every minute of it! ????????????????❤️❤️,” @thechristinequinn said.

“I don’t understand how it was disrespectful or insensitive. He was just trying to get a little insight on how pregnant women had to go through their days so he could better understand the struggle that his best friend is going through,” @guera.comm said.

In other publicity stunts, Charles posted pictures of himself with a bald head.

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