Siyacela Thando Moja Love Violence

Thando decides to break up with Siyacela. Image via Twitter screenshot

Did Siyacela almost rip Thando’s c-section on ‘Isencane Lengane’

Thando detailed how Siyacela but her up to the point of thinking her c-section operation was going to tear. Viewers want him arrested.

Siyacela Thando Moja Love Violence

Thando decides to break up with Siyacela. Image via Twitter screenshot

It has become the norm that viewers will be upset with Isencane Lengane‘s Siyacela every Sunday and last night’s episode was not an exception. Viewers want to rescue Thando from his wrath.

When the show started, Thando was already reeling with shock at the fact that the father of her newborn chose violence over talking things out like a married couple.

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Isencane Lengane opened up with Thando detailing what happened that lead to Siyacela assaulting her to the Isencane Lengane crew.

“He slapped me while I was preparing food. Even when the baby is crying, you beat me up. If it was a man that called me, what would you have done? You would have killed me, I’d be dead,” Thando tells him.

Siyacela forcefully grabs Thando’s two-day-old phone from her hand and smashes it on the floor. Thando says Siyacela bit him up after her friend, Asanda returned her call. Siyacela thinking that Asanda may expose Thando to men, started acting erratically and beat her up.

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Thando was seen crying and telling Siyacela that she was done, she is breaking things off with him because she will not be in a relationship with a man that beats her up.

“I’ve been telling you to leave me alone for the past five hours. I cant allow you to hit me. You have a child now but instead you will me instead of him?…you threw the phone on my c-section scar. I was on the toilet floor.

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Explaining why he beat her up, Siyacela said he beat her up because she said she sent a child to give Asanda her number and when he called Asanda, she said a different story. She said, Thando had called her so she was returning her call.

Feeling like, Thando and her friend are making a fool out of him, he started beating her up because according to him, he has a short temper.

He also said Thando knows that he does not want her to have any friends, be it a man or a woman.

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Viewers can tell that Thando is in a pickle so they want her to leave Siyacela and focus on her child and her studies, away from Siyacela.

A crying told Siyacela that he will miss her for all of the things she did for him. By the next day, Thando and Siyacela were already speaking, with Thando saying she had met up with him to get her child’s clinic card that Siyacela had hidden.

Unlike the previous day’s Siyacela, the next day’s Siyacela was apologetic and almost forcing out some tears to prove just how sorry he is. Thando seemed like she wouldn’t budge but when she slapped him back, viewers were convinced, she had forgiven him.

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