Hlomu The Wife Mbalenhle Mavimbela The Wife

Hlomu The Wife star is now a real life DJ. Images via Instagram: @mbalenhle__m

‘DJ Hlo is that you?’: ‘The Wife’ star Mbalenhle behind da decks!

Mqhele’s wife Mbalenhle “Hlomu” Mavimbela has ventured into Djing and Mzansi is celebrating her success once again. But is she DJ Hlo?

Hlomu The Wife Mbalenhle Mavimbela The Wife

Hlomu The Wife star is now a real life DJ. Images via Instagram: @mbalenhle__m

The national wife Mbalenhle Mavimbela has revealed that she has joined the many actresses and media personalities that ventured into DJing.

Mbalenhle took to her Instagram account to share that she is grateful for the support she has received from her fans after she ventured into yet another career.

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On the first of January, Mbalenhle shared pictures of herself wearing headphones (djing regalia) and Mzansi automatically assumed that she has decided to be a DJ.

“🚀🚀🚀🤭yoh I’m so grateful for the love 🤍 your continued support means a lot . I love you and Happy New Year,” she said.

Her fans have congratulated her and some have even speculated if she could also be DJ Hlo, the famous DJ that took song of the year in 2021. Take a look:

@kayy_mkhize wrote: “Wait, uwena uDj Hlo😢?”

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@nyembenana wrote: “Mina ngangithi uyadlala ukuthi uzoba uDj🤣🤣😂. Kwaze kwakufanela oer♥️😍”.

@zhluthwa wrote: “Dj National wife”.

@siya.bongapatience wrote: “Another year of ur CONGRATULATIONS my baby keep well and stay humble and beautiful inside and out with GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF as ur CONQUEROR LEADER DIRECTOR AND FOUNDATION OF THIS JOURNEY AMEN LOVE YOU BABES 😍😍😍😍😍👏👏”.

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Showmax has released the four episodes of their hit series The Wife and tweeps are not liking what her husband Mqhele did to her. This is after he seemed like he had abandoned the abusive era.

@_NayyKnights wrote: “Why the hell is Mahlomu speaking on behalf of Mqhele? I would never, NEVER speak on behalf of indoda that puts his hands on me. Unfortunately this is the reality of most women in our country, they even go to the lengths of dropping assault charges 💔 #TheWifeShowmax”.

@pontshomotsepe_ wrote: “Mqhele needs serious help, I understand being jealous seeing your wife laughing like that with another man but why does he look like he’s about to kill every living being? 😳”.

@__kate__d wrote: “Hlomu was asked how she had slept the previous night by Sambulo and Mqhele answered for her. Will this demonic side of him ever stop or it’ll just keep getting worse? 😔”.

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