Russians have caused a big misunderstanding

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#ILoveEatingRussians: SA reacts to rage over ‘Russian eating’

Mzansi has been left howling at a Russian vloggers reaction to locals who love ‘eating Russians’. The confusion has resulted in a number of hilarious jokes.

Russians have caused a big misunderstanding

Image via Unsplash

South Africans have flocked online to share their responses to Russia’s alleged rage about South Africans and their love for eating Russians.

It all started when a Russian vlogger decided to share his reaction to a video clip of some locals discussing their love for the sausage.

A small sausage causes a big misunderstanding

Many South African Twitter users have been left laughing out loud after some confusion over the country’s love for eating Russians was discovered by an international YouTuber.

The YouTuber took to the social media platform to share a video of himself reacting in disgust to South Africans speaking about their love for the salty sausage.

While here in Mzansi we are all familiar with the sausage and enjoy it in a number of ways, our international friends unfortunately were left understandably baffled when they heard that South Africans eat “Russians.” So much so that they even threatened to “cut ties” with us.

Mzansi cannot deal

Of course, a lot of South Africans flocked to Twitter after seeing the various news reports about the hilarious misunderstanding.

Many of them headed online to share a number of jokes about eating Russians. Soon a new hashtag was born, #ILoveEatingRussians and yes, it started trending.

@XeNnIe_S imagined this hilarious scenario:

“I’m imagining a scenario where a Russian tourist who just heard about this is passing by and you are standing by the shop shouting to your friend on the other side of the road, there’s only one Russian chomi should I get it for you?”

@ShibuThobakgale said:

“You know South Africa is the only country in the world calling sausages a “Russian”- can you believe it? Now this guy is furious he thought we are referring to “people” his facial reactions kills me!”

@miishkasquiishy said:

“Russian tourists walking on the streets of South Africa in fear after finding out that South Africans enjoy cutting, frying and eating 2-3 of them with bread.”

Meanwhile many locals wondred what would happen if the French found out how much we love french (polony) or if the Turkish knew that many of us enjoed Turkey occassionally.

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