Love Island SA

Photo: Love Island SA / Twitter

‘Love Island Orania’: New M-Net show slammed over sound, diversity issues

Love Island SA encountered a tough crowd during its premiere episode on Sunday night, as complaints about the sound and ‘Orania-like diversity’ were raised.

Love Island SA

Photo: Love Island SA / Twitter

Love Island South Africa has endured a difficult start to its run this weekend, after it was subject to a wave of ridicule online. As well as struggling with technical issues, the cast itself was called into question – with some comparing the majority of white contestants to the Afrikaner-only enclave of Orania.

M-Net’s Love Island SA mocked on debut

Indeed, ‘Love Island Orania’ became the top trend on Twitter overnight, and remains there on Monday morning. The complaints raised on social media tackled a serious issue, but didn’t spare us a that typical dark-brand of SA humour:

‘Love Island Orania’ and its sound issues

The criticism, however, might be *slightly* over the top. The format of Love Island introduces new cast members throughout the series. Indeed, as the show progresses, it’s likely that the show will become more diverse. But whether the team behind the show can sort out their sound issues remains to be seen.

A lack of background music, silent credits, and inconsistent volume levels left viewers feeling short-changed on Sunday night. The 90-minute premiere episode wasn’t without its faults, but still managed to draw in a large share of audience viewing figures – not bad, to say it debuted on the same night Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country to Level 1 of lockdown.

How the show works

The format of the show takes 10 love hopefuls – five men and five women – who must couple up and live together all in the name of love and the chance to win R1 million in the process.

Throughout the series, the islanders will be forced to re-couple where they can choose (or be chosen) to remain in their current couple or swap and change, while also going on several dates, tasks, and challenges, in the quest to avoid being dumped from the Villa. The show airs from Sunday to Friday, at 21:30 on M-Net.