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DStv viewers: You can now score a ‘free package upgrade’ – here’s how

The DStv Rewards system has been launched, offering subscribers the chance to add more channels to their package free of charge – this is how it’ll work.


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DStv has officially launched its new ‘Rewards’ incentive for the millions of subscribers across South Africa. The system, which totals-up ‘stars’ for each customer based on their interaction with the network, aims to give something back to its legion of TV enthusiasts – and a free package upgrade is one of the prizes up for grabs.

How you can get a ‘free package upgrade’

In a blog post released last week, the Rewards team revealed that their offers even extend beyond the world of media

“DStv Rewards gives subscribers the opportunity to get even closer to the action, with a host of rewards on offer. The newly-launched DStv Rewards gives subscribers the chance to receive more of the content they love.”

“This will feature offers for specials upgrades and customer discounts. We want to keep customers entertained, on the couch and off, with access to live events and much more to make the DStv experience, even better.”

DStv Rewards: How does it work?

There are 4 reward levels: Starter (0-30 stars), Rising Star (31-60 stars), Super Star (61-90 stars) and Legend (91+ stars). The more stars you earn, the higher your rewards level becomes, and the more offers you become eligible for.

Reward members will be awarded stars ‘just by using their subscription as per usual’. It’ll be mainly based on these factors:

  1. You could earn up to 15 stars based on which package you are subscribed to.
  2. There are 20 stars up for grabs, based on the number of years you’ve subscribed to DStv
  3. If you pay for extra services, like Showmax, renting Box Office movies, or streaming platforms, that can add stars to your tally.
  4. Simply staying connected to the network for three months earns you 10 stars.
  5. The number of stars you earn will only be used to determine the reward level you will be on – and nothing else.

What can I get from DStv rewards? ‘Free package upgrade’ tops the bill

  • You can get a ‘rent one, get one free’ movie offer on BoxOffice, as well as access to Showmax content.
  • UberEats food vouchers will be made available.
  • Reward claimants are entitled to ‘service vouchers’, which will debit the cost of any repair work needed.
  • DStv will also celebrate customer birthdays by making ‘certain rewards’ available on those specific days.
  • But, the clincher for all of this? Free package upgrades will be granted to viewers who are racking up the stars.

How to secure yourself a ‘Reward’

It’s dead simple: Simply sign yourself in on the MyDStv app, and select the Rewards icon to join. This won’t cost you a cent: You’ll then be taken through to the Rewards dashboard, which will tell you how many stars you already have, what level you’re on, and which special offers you can already straight off the bat.