Harry Styles

Harry Styles Image via Twitter @Harry_Styles

Spitting image: Harry Styles’s ‘whale’ move hard to swallow at concert [watch]

Harry Styles opened his tour in Las Vegas on 4 September, but his signature ‘whale’ move during a pandemic did not sit well with the crowd.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Image via Twitter @Harry_Styles

International music lovers are enjoying the return of music concerts in some countries. British singer-songwriter Harry Styles opened his Love On Tour with a performance at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, but some weren’t too pleased with him when he decided to spit water at the end of his show. 

Styles’s signature move — popularly known as “the whale” — involves him taking sips of water and proceeding to spit into the air. But of course during times of COVID-19, dishing out your saliva at a concert is a big no.

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Harry Styles performed in Las Vegas on Saturday 4 September after almost two years of not being able to perform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Watermelon Sugar hitmaker had an amazing first performance on his tour but fans were a little concerned when a clip of him spitting surfaced on Twitter. His fans have named the move “the whale” as the musician spits water out his mouth similar to how a whale does. 

Sharing the video, a tweep wrote: “Is it really a Harry Styles concert if he doesn’t close out Kiwi with the whale.”


Many questioned why Harry Styles would go on tour during a pandemic.

 “So not only is Harry Styles touring during a pandemic but also spitting water on stage…okay.”

Another tweep wrote: “Why is Harry Styles spitting into the audience during a global pandemic.”

One fan could not believe that there were people defending the musician’s decision to spit into the crowd. 

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Even though Harry Styles didn’t come into close contact with any of the concert attendees, COVID-19 is still transmissible through droplets. The World Health Organisation notes that droplet transmission can occur when someone is within 1m of another person. 

Sharing the Love On Tour details on his Instagram account, the musician noted that the well-being of his fans, band and crew are at the top of his list. 

“Safety guidelines will be available on the respective venue websites to ensure we can all be together as safely as possible.”