This groom also wanted to look perfect. Images via Instagram: @glambykriti_

Groom hogs makeup artist forcing his bride-to-be to be wait for her turn [watch]

A groom’s quest to look flawless on his wedding day saw him hogging the makeup chair while his bride pleaded with him to get a chance.


This groom also wanted to look perfect. Images via Instagram: @glambykriti_

When it comes to wedding days, one can always expect the bride to be sitting in the makeup chair while all her other guests start to worry whether or not the whole wedding will have to be delayed because of how long the process takes.

This is why so many people were left super surprised and amused when it was the groom and not the bride stopping proceedings.

Groom goes viral after making wife-to-be wait for her turn

Many brides only want one thing on their wedding day and that thing is usually perfection.

In a clip that has gone viral online, a hilarious groom seems to have switched sides with his bride as he gets his makeup done by the woman who was meant to be making the bride perfect.

The clip shows the bride-to-be pleading with him to please vacate the makeup chair because she had very little time left to get her makeup done but he was not budging until every inch of his face was taken care of.

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“When girls can do make-up, why can’t boys do so as well?” he asks her in the clip to which she responded:

“Only you will get ready. Should I come out looking like this?”

Netizens are super amused and love his energy

The hilarious clip received over two million views and thousands of likes and comments. Many people headed to the comment section where they gushed over how cute the couple is as they went back and forth about who should be in the makeup seat. Here are some of their comments:

colorblast21 said:

“This is too good!❤️”

dhruv.verma said:

“Why should girls have all the fun.”

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