Grammys - inclusion rider

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Grammy Awards producers pledge to adopt inclusion rider in 2022

The term ‘inclusion rider’ was brought into the spotlight after Frances McDormand’s 2018 Oscar acceptance speech.

Grammys - inclusion rider

Grammys © Cover Images

The 2022 Grammy Awards will have an inclusion rider to make the music show more diverse.

On Wednesday 4 August, Recording Academy executives confirmed the 64th annual awards, set for next January, will be made with a contractual requirement to ensure equity and inclusion at all levels of production.

The rider will require bosses at the production company behind the Grammys to recruit, audition, interview, and hire people — on-stage and off — who have been historically and systematically excluded from the industry.

Grammy ‘diversifying their industry’

“As the academy continues its transformational journey, diversifying our industry is at the core of every decision we make,” Academy president and chief executive officer Harvey Mason Jr said in a statement.

“We’re dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusion industry wide and hope that our efforts set an example for our peers in the music community.”

Full inclusion rider to be released in September

The full inclusion rider will be publicly released on 16 September. It is part of the larger #ChangeMusic initiative, and being created in partnership with Color Of Change, as well as co-authors Kalpana Kotagal and Fanshen Cox, and key contributors Valeisha Butterfield Jones and Ryan Butler.

The term “inclusion rider” was brought into the spotlight after Frances McDormand’s 2018 Oscar acceptance speech mentioned them, while Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Paul Feig, and leaders at Warner Bros. have all pledged to use inclusion riders in their production projects.

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