Must-watch ad: Chicken Licken’

Chicken Licken’s ‘Knight Rider’ inspired advert. Image via screenshot from Twitter.

Must-watch ad: Chicken Licken’s South African take on ‘Knight Rider’ [video]

Everyone is talking about Chicken Licken’s latest advert which channels a local version of Michael Knight named Michael Nyathi. Watch it here.

Must-watch ad: Chicken Licken’

Chicken Licken’s ‘Knight Rider’ inspired advert. Image via screenshot from Twitter.

Fast food chain restaurant Chicken Licken took a local spin on the iconic Knight Rider series starring David Hasselhoff for their latest advert which was released on 24 May. 


While Nando’s is known for their tongue-in-the-cheek advertising often poking at political drama, Chicken Licken has made a name for their video content advertising. 

Actor Thabo Malema stars as Mzansi’s version of Michael Knight, Michael Nyathi. The advert that caught the attention of many on social media, introduces a new super slider. Micheal Nyathi takes a ride in his favourite car, a replica of Hasselhoff’s car with the complete K.I.T.T voice over. 

The video begins with Micheal Nyathi being warned by his cheeky little sister that their “gogo” does not want him and his car to come back home late again. Nyathi later sees himself getting into an unexpected drag race before he goes on his way to grab the new slider. 

Watch Chicken Licken’s ‘New Rider New Slider’ ad

The video also features a clip of David Hasselhoff asking where K.I.T.T has been. He then tells K.I.T.T he has been looking all over for it and Micheal Nyathi walks into the conversation asking Hasselhoff who he is. K.I.T.T then rejects Hasselhoff for the rider with a slider.

The creative advert uses #NewRiderNewSlider as a play on the new slider offering by Chicken Licken. The two-minute video already racked up more than 351 800 views on Twitter. 

“It only makes sense for a new rider to have a new slider. Introducing…. Nyathi Rider.  #NewRiderNewSlider,” the advert was captioned on social media.


If there’s one thing you can expect from Tweeps, its brutal honesty regardless of the situation, so when the Twitter streets are happy about something, its definitely a cause for celebration. 

The Tweeps think Chicken Licken’s advertising agency is so good they should make a movie.