Cassper Nyovest FNB Stadium crowd attendance

Image via Instagram @casspernyovest

Cassper Nyovest beats international stars in concert attendance

Move over Rihanna and Bon Jovi, our guy Cassper Nyovest ranks No 5 in pulling the crowds to concerts at FNB Stadium.

Cassper Nyovest FNB Stadium crowd attendance

Image via Instagram @casspernyovest

You just have to give it to Cassper Nyovest…Twitter page @DataWithinSA released the stats for the nine concerts that had the most attendance at FNB Stadium on 16 July.

Nyovest made it to No 5, beating international stars like Rihanna, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Linkin Park. This is huge, as he sits in the top cluster with the likes of singer Ed Sheeran and mega-band One Direction.

The South African hip-hop artist pulled in a recorded 68 000 attendees at one of his concerts.

Just after this, on Mandela Day on 18 July, Nyovest took to Twitter to retweet this and share his excitement.

Cassper’s stats

According to Data Within SA, Sheeran makes it to No 1 one with a number of 135 000 in his crowd.

One Direction also made the list, ranking second with an attendance of 131 000, followed by Global Citizen’s 100 000.

Then, the last one before the Nyovest is Irish Band U2 with 94 232.

Twitter reaction

Fans were ecstatic about the stats and commented in support of the stats.

Despite this, of course, Twitter users had other thoughts too.

Twitter users began questioning the stats that the page released. They said, for example, that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga had filled the FNB Stadium with 100 000 people.

Another user posted a video of late reggae artist Lucky Dube’s concert at the stadium. Looking at the crowds, how could this concert could not be on the list?

With this, the page took to the comment section to ask the critics to provide the numbers for the Bieber and Gaga crowds.

The page admin also explained the reason why some concerts could have more than 100k attendees. It said the audience numbers are based on the way the stage is set up in the stadium.

What Twitter users did not understand was that FNB Stadium’s capacity of 100k attendees only applied to sports matches. This does not hold for concerts, as attendance was not only restricted to seats. Fans also swarm onto the field.

One of the comments that stood out, defended Nyovest loudly.

“Just swallow it mf- Yes The Capable Cassper Nyovest did better than Rihanna,” tweeted one.

Nevertheless, it is something to be proud of, as having 68 000 people attend your concert is a success on its own.

And who can forget Fill Up The Dome in 2015? Well done, Cassper!