Busiswa reacts to parody versi

Image: Via Twitter @busiswaah

Busiswa reacts to parody version of her ‘Coming’ song [watch]

Watch Busiswa response to a funny parody video about her and Nigerian artist Naira Marley’s R-rated song, ‘Coming’.

Busiswa reacts to parody versi

Image: Via Twitter @busiswaah

South African singer-songwriter and poet Busiswa Gqulu reacted positively to a parody of her song Coming with Nigerian musician Naira Marley.

Busiswa responded to the fan-made parody on Twitter and the video shows two young women dancing and having fun with their version of the song.

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Busiswa and Naira Marley’s Coming was released in June this year and the R-rated number will either have you dancing or gasping at the raunchy lyrics.

This time around, the song had Busiswa laughing as a short video posted by Twitter user NaijaPr, showing two young women doing their own interpretation of the song and covering as much of the vocals as they can.

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“Naira Marley and Busiswa have 24 hours to respond,” NaijaPr captioned the video.

Busiswa reacted to the video by tweeting:

Send this to me please, I must laugh once a day, she said.

Bizarre dance moves inspired by ‘Coming’

Busiswa also reacted to how the song was received in a nightclub in Nigeria and the bizarre dance inspired by ‘Coming’.