Britney Spears conservatorship

Image via Instagram @britneyspears

‘Baby One More Time’: Britney Spears’ dance videos are just good fun

US star Britney Spears has told fans she is just having fun and that her dance videos are nothing to worry about.

Britney Spears conservatorship

Image via Instagram @britneyspears

Britney Spears took to Instagram on 1 February to address her fans’ concerns and reactions to the numerous videos she has been posting of herself dancing.


Last week the Toxic hitmaker posted three videos of herself dancing, one of which was to ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s Holy Grail. Spears appeared erratic in some of the videos. Given her past mental health troubles, this set off alarm bells for Britney Spears’ fans.

Spears, 39, lost her court bid in November 2020 to remove her father’s control over her estate. Jamie Spears has been his daughter’s legal guardian for 12 years, due to ongoing concerns about her mental health.


In her response post on Instagram, the star said she was still trying to learn how to use social media and that it sometimes still got the better of her.

“I’m trying to learn how to use technology in this technology driven generation …. but to be totally honest with you I can’t stand it!!!

 She added that her posts might not be perfect but she was just doing them for fun.


Apart from telling fans’ they shouldn’t expect her to look like she was on a magazine cover, Spears also previously said in a 2020 post that no makeup was the way to go.

“After all this time in my life I’m just now learning that no makeup is the way to go… I mean… a little makeup is fun but after spending so much time in hair and makeup chairs to look flawless… I think a natural look is the way to go.”

Since then Spears has continued to go for the fresh-faced look. She recently posted a video sharing her goals for 2021. She wore no makeup in the clip and added: “Also …. I realised I could have at least put on a little mascara or lip gloss… sorry it’s definitely a different look.”


Spears’s top four goals for 2021 are:

  • To meditate more;
  • To take a cooking class;
  • To take a Pilates class (and actually follow through on the class); and
  • To try an ice cream diet.

She later quipped she was rethinking the ice cream diet.

In keeping with her minimal use of makeup she’s also started posting unfiltered selfies along with her filtered ones through Instagram’s album feature.

She also sometimes shares the original picture followed by the edited version.

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