Mel Viljoen slams Renske Lammerding on ‘RHOPTA’. Images via Instagram @renskelammerding @melanyviljoen.

‘You’re actually a snake’: Mel calls out Renske on ‘RHOPTA’

Mel Viljoen was livid that Renske Lammerding revealed that she had fat moved around in her body on the latest episode of ‘RHOPTA’.


Mel Viljoen slams Renske Lammerding on ‘RHOPTA’. Images via Instagram @renskelammerding @melanyviljoen.

Reality star Melany “Mel” Viljoen slammed co-star Renske Lammerding for revealing that she had her fat transferred on the latest episode of the Real Housewives van Pretoria (RHOPTA) which aired on KykNet on Thursday 8 December.

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Tammy Taylor Nails SA founder Mel Viljoen slammed Renske Lammerding for revealing that she had fat moved around in her body. While they were on a yacht in Zanzibar, she called out Renske.

“Don’t change the subject, if something is confidential, why the f*** would you tell everyone? Why would you do that?” asks Mel.

“I didn’t realise it’s confidential. You said it to a few of us,” replied Renske.

Mel said in a confessional that she thought Renske was a snake. However, Renske said that she thought it was public knowledge in her confessional.

“It made me feel like Renske’s a snake, to leak private information in front of everyone,” said Mel in a confessional.

“Mel mentioned it to us in numerous conversations and she came dancing in her pyjamas the previous evening, and she lifted her top and had a strap around her stomach. So I thought it was public knowledge, everyone was there. There were always people around so I didn’t think it was something private,” said Renske in a confessional. 

The businesswoman defended herself saying that she showed the ladies she was wearing a waist trainer.

“I showed I slept with a waist trainer for the moisture,” she said. 

Renske went on to apologise but Mel was not having it. The other housewives seemingly got uncomfortable and left the pair alone to chat.

“Now you’re passing remarks again, about things I supposedly told everyone… you’re actually a snake then?” said Mel.

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The ladies had a bikini reveal while on a yacht on their vacation in Zanzibar. While Rhona was changing into her bikini, Renske asked Mel Viljoen how the fat transfer she had done works.

“You said you moved fat around but I didn’t know from where to where,” said Renske. 

“Show me what you want to move,” replied Mel.

“I don’t understand how someone who looks like you has any fat to move around. That bugs me,” continued Renske.

“So you want liposuction badly. It sounds as if you’re unhappy with your body?” replied Mel.

The Tammy Taylor Nails founder was not impressed and said that Renske as highly inappropriate.

Renske Lammerding reveals Mel Viljoen had a fat transfer. Images via Instagram @melanyviljoen and @renske.lammerding.

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