Where and when to watch the ‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’. Images via Instagram @rhoanaeramus @melanyviljoen.

‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’: The ladies reveal their ages!

Never ask a lady her age? The housewives of Pretoria didn’t need to be asked twice to reveal their ages on the latest episode of ‘RHOPTA’.


Where and when to watch the ‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’. Images via Instagram @rhoanaeramus @melanyviljoen.

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives van Pretoria, the “housewives” revealed their ages as they enjoyed a meal together.

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Rhona Eramus invited the girls over to wear some old clothes and go out for a meal. The ladies met a drag queen named Genevieve Le Coq.

Genevieve asked the ladies how old they are. X suggest Mel Viljoen is 27 and she says “ooh, keep talking beautiful stranger”. 

He then guesses that Kiki La Coco is 31 while Mel suggests Rhona is 51. Mel then reveals that she is 36 and Kiki also shares that she is 36. Rhona then reveals that she is 38, but Kiki jumps in saying “you’re lying”. 

Rhona then explained that she is almost 38, currently “37 and three quarters”. Marie then revealed that she is 51. Renkse revealed that she is 55 years old. 

“The younger girls don’t make me feel old. You long for the days when you were that age and I admire their self-confidence. Our generation took longer to get there,” said Renske.

Meet the cast members from kykNet’s upcoming series, ‘Die Real Housewives van Pretoria’. Image: Supplied

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Twitter users have praised Rhona following the latest episode. Take a look…

“Rhona is such a cool chick shame I judged her too soon #RHOPTA,” wrote @BellaNonti.

While others are beginning to become suspicious of Marie.

“There is just something offish about Marie she is low key mean and a pretender. I’m glad her true colors are starting to show off!! She is just too good to be true. #RHOPTA,” wrote @VictoriaMokwen6.

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