Back for amour! Netflix drops

Netflix releases ‘Emily in Paris’ season two trailer. Image via Instagram @emilyinparis.

Back for amour! Netflix drops trailer for ‘Emily in Paris’ season two [watch]

A Saint Tropez vacation, a love triangle and a more! Emily is still up to her old sneaky romance tricks in the city of love.

Back for amour! Netflix drops

Netflix releases ‘Emily in Paris’ season two trailer. Image via Instagram @emilyinparis.

Netflix released the official trailer for Emily in Paris season two on Thursday 18 November and there is more amour.


Lily Collins returns as the social media marketing manager at Savoir in Emily in Paris season two. This time she’s more play than work as she vacations in Saint-Tropez but her life is far from relaxing.

The trailer reveals that season two picks up where season one ended. Emily finds out that her fling Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) is not leaving Paris like she thought. However, his girlfriend, Emily’s friend Camille (played by Camille Razat) is not quite out of the picture either. 

“Ever since I moved to Paris my life has just been chaotic and dramatic and complicated,” says Emily. 

Emily appears to struggle over controlling her feelings for Gabriel and destroying her friendship with Camille, but she is in for more “amour.” 

“She’s back for amour,” the trailer reveals. 

The Instagram influencer falls for Alfie played by Scream Queen’s Lucien Laviscount. Emily and Alfie are said to have an antagonist relationship that grows into something more. So, her love life is definitely “complicated.”


The Golden Globe nominated series announced that season two was in production in May this year. Emily is set to embrace the French culture more in the upcoming season and learn the language.

“For me, it’s the evolution of the character. I think when someone goes to Paris for the first time, they are overwhelmed by the beauty of the city and that’s what they’re seeing,” said show creator Darren Star to Variety. 

“When she got there, she got a bit of a free pass in the beginning and I don’t think it will be quite as easy for her in second season. I think she will be more assimilated, in terms of living in Paris and stepping up to the challenges of learning the language,” he continued. 

Aside from Laviscount, there are two other new cast members expected in season two,

  • Jeremy O Harris is an iconic fashion designer in the series.
  • French actor Arnaud Binard stars as the party boy owner of a popular Saint Tropez nightclub.

Emily in Paris officially releases on 22 December.