Dinky Bliss

Nandos reacts to #BBMzansi Dinky Bliss’s eviction. Image via Twitter @BBMzansi

‘House went from hot to mild’: Nandos reacts to #BBMzansi Dinky’s exit

Nandos has revealed that the #BBMzansi house will be boring without Dinky Bliss who was evicted last night (6 February).

Dinky Bliss

Nandos reacts to #BBMzansi Dinky Bliss’s eviction. Image via Twitter @BBMzansi

Nandos SA sent social media into a frenzy last night when they reacted to #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) Dinky Bliss eviction.   

Dinky Bliss was the second housemate to be evicted this season along with Mvelo who received the least amount of votes from the public.  

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Nandos tweeted about #BBMzansi’s (Big Brother Mzansi) housemate Dinky Bliss’s eviction last night along with viewers who were devastated by her exit from the reality TV show.  

“House went from hot to mild. But the game… askies Dinky Bliss.”  

Viewers were shocked that Dinky exited the show as she was more entertaining than most housemates and created a lot of content.  

Fans of the show agree that the house is boring without Dinky and now wish they’d kept her instead of Norman or Gash1.   

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The #BBMzansi viewers saved three housemates namely; Mphowabadimo, Norman, and Gash1.   

Big Brother Mzansi revealed on Twitter that Mpho received the most votes with 36.35%, Gash1 received 22.40% votes and Norman received 21.6% votes.   

Mvelo received the least amount of votes with 7.45% and Dinky Bliss received 12.12% votes.  

Mpho ‘the sangoma’ has been a fan-favourite since the beginning of the competition and a big contender for the R2 million.  

Michelle Mpho Mvundla aka Mphowabadimo has also been trending for weeks since she made out with one of the housemates.  

Viewers are also hoping for a romantic relationship between her and her Big Brother Mzansi housemate Libo who’s interested in her and Thato.    

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“Nandos please send the chicken to the house Venus is frying baked beans aba tshela (pour) spice.”  


“Well done Nandos… Well done. Now put some extra sauce and cast Dinky Bless for the next ad to add some Bliss and flavour.”


#BBMzansi has really messed up that house now.”

“Dinky was gonna keep viewers glued to the tv with her unpredictable moods.”

“That’s the best game strategy. Now we left with the likes of Norman.”  


“Please deliver full chickens to Big Brother’s House and save the housemates from Venus’s cooking.”  


“Lol she even twerked on her exit”.

“Never seen someone who was so alive in the house like her. I blame those who nominated her.”

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