‘Over the Edge’: Kommetjie sur

Image: YouTube/Over the Edge

‘Over the Edge’: Kommetjie surfer makes waves with new doccie [watch]

The Kommetjie-based professional big wave surfer, Matt Bromley released his documentary, ‘Over The Edge’, which traces his big-wave journey.

‘Over the Edge’: Kommetjie sur

Image: YouTube/Over the Edge

After chasing “wild storms” across the world, the Kommetjie-based surfer, Matt Bromley released his film about how he became one of the most passionate big wave surfers in the world.

Matt Bromley | Over the Edge

Titled Over the Edge, the 54-minute documentary was released on 19 October. According to Cape Town etc, Bromley has been chasing big waves for many years, jumping between Hawaii, California, Indonesia, South Africa, and Ireland, all to find the biggest waves he can find and push himself over the edge to catch and ride these behemoths.

The documentary also focuses on Jaws, the big wave spot on Maui in Hawaii, which is according to Bromley, the pinnacle of big wave surfing as it has also been the pinnacle of his big wave career. Bromley, who was present at Sorake Beach on Nias Island in Indonesia when some of the biggest waves ever seen there exploded over the famous horseshoe-shaped reef, mentioned that the more physically prepared you are, the more confident you are. 

In an interview with SurfSimply, Bromley gave his own synopsis to the film, saying that Over the Edge is all about chasing big waves of consequence; steep, vertical, hollow, gnarly waves.

“It’s about my passion, about what I do. It is about the moment when you’re paddling for a wave and it’s sucking off the reef, so steep and vertical, so scary.”

Bromley hopes that the film can portray “a very human part of himself”, as he also gets scared.

“I feel fear, I doubt myself all the time. But I also have the determination to face all those things and move through them. I know that this is my purpose. Riding big waves is what I love to do and no matter how scared, vulnerable, or anxious I may feel, I try to push through because I believe those magic moments are on the other side of all the fear and vulnerability. I hope that the story highlights some of that, empowering people to go and ride their big waves in life.”