Tweeps slam Marié Bosman for being homophobic. Image via Instagram @renske.lammerding.

‘Is Marie homophobic?’: ‘RHOPTA’ star sets tongues wagging

‘RHOPTA’ viewers have slammed Marié Bosman for being ‘homophobic’ after watching the latest episode of the reality series.


Tweeps slam Marié Bosman for being homophobic. Image via Instagram @renske.lammerding.

Twitter users have labelled reality star Marié Bosman “homophobic” after they observed her reaction to a drag queen on the latest episode of the Real Housewives van Pretoria (RHOPTA) which aired on KykNet on Thursday 24 November.

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Rhona Eramus invited the girls over to wear some old clothes and go out for a meal. The ladies met a drag queen named Genevieve Le Coq. 

Marie seemed uninterested while Genevive was speaking and Mel Viljoen noticed.

“I wasn’t watching Marie. So, I hope someone else noticed the way she reacted. I think your inner voice portrays your outer voice. So, even though she didn’t say anything. I think there was a subtly uncomfortable situation in the room,” said Mel.

Mel Viljoen shows off diamond ring on ‘RHOPTA’. Images via Instagram @melanyviljoen.

Marie later explained that this was not her scene.

“Once again, it’s not really my scene,” said Marie.

“Marie was very quiet. She said she wasn’t feeling well. It was quite busy. So, I didn’t think much of it,” said Renkse Lammerding.

“I didn’t want to participate. That’s not something I want to do,” said Marie.

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Twitter users slammed Marie for being “homophobic” after they read her facial expressions on the show. Take a look…

“Is Marie… homophobic????? #RHOPTA,” wrote @Thato_Kganyago.

“I thought marie was so open minded and free spirited this entire time but she looks so uncomfortable here #RHOPTA,” wrote @_musesi.

“Not my girl Marie letting me down with these hints of subtle homophobia. I thought she was such a cool chick. Damn. Need to find a new fave. #RHOPTA,” wrote @deshkittles.

“#RHOPTA. Marie couldn’t hide her unhappiness for the Drag Queen. Eish, that didn’t look nice,” wrote @his_teaness.

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