AyaProw MacG Podcast and Chill

AyaProw has been reportedly fired from MacG’s Podcast and Chill. Images via Instagram: @ayaprow_biggfun

MacG sets record straight after firing sound guy AyaProw [watch]

MacG has set the record straight on firing AyaProw following reports that he is a ‘bully’ and a ‘jealous’ boss.

AyaProw MacG Podcast and Chill

AyaProw has been reportedly fired from MacG’s Podcast and Chill. Images via Instagram: @ayaprow_biggfun

Podcast and Chill boss and host Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho has finally explained to the Chillers why his sound technician AyaProw — real name Ayabulela Phakade — has been absent from the show.

When viewers noticed Aya’s absence and the fact that he had stopped sharing upcoming show teasers on his Twitter account, they wanted answers.

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Following reports by Zimoja last week about the dismissal, MacG shared his side of the story in conversation with his co-hosts Sol Phenduka and Ghostlady on Monday 12 December.

Sources told the publication that Aya was fired because his boss was jealous of his blossoming music career.

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Aya is also a DJ and had released his album, Value of Time, last month. MacG, who was reportedly invited to the album listening session, did not show up.

“That hurt Aya badly because he considered MacG a friend, a brother and they were growing in this together. He thought he would support him. Instead, he told him days before the album release to take a few days off and focus on the music… Aya didn’t know what that meant because he always makes time for anything related to the podcast,” a source said.

The former 947 radio presenter was also labelled a bully.

“Aya is not the only person that been having issues with him. MacG needs to take him back or he might have to consult his legal team. But he doesn’t want to. He is too nice. He is just hurt about how everything has played out,” another source told the publication.

Former ‘Podcast and Chill’ sound guy, AyaProw. Image via YouTube


However, MacG has a different version. He told Chillers and his co-hosts on Monday that Aya had been on his last warning after he had failed to deliver his work a few times, resulting in late broadcasts of some podcast episodes.

“If you don’t do your job, I’ll call you out… There was a Monday when the episode was late,” MacG said.

When MacG allegedly called Aya to enquire about the episode, he told him there was a death in the family. But, MacG claims that his WhatsApp stories told a different story as he had been hosting friends for his album listening session that Sunday.

“It does not take more than an hour to do the podcast sound… So I called him and told him ‘clearly your album is more important than what I pay you to do, which is sound. And now the show is late and you know the implications of what happens when the show is late,'” he explained.

He added that there is more to the decision he made to let go of Aya, but did not delve into it as he “does not have beef” with him.

MacG has also let go of two other employees, Mash and Thuso. But, the Podcast and Chill hosts say they hung out with all three former employees on Sunday as they have now joined amapiano vocalist Sir Trill’s team.


When MacG started trending on Twitter, Aya tweeted some cryptic tweets that led fans to believe he was referring to the former YFM radio host.

“You must be scared of a person who lies effortlessly,” he wrote in one tweet.

In another tweet he wrote in isiXhosa that the gloves are off.