A paranormal investigation: In

Image: Phoenix Paranormal /Facebook

A paranormal investigation: Inside the ‘haunted’ Kempton Park Hospital [watch]

The infamous Kempton Park Hospital has long been considered to be one of the most haunted places in South Africa.

A paranormal investigation: In

Image: Phoenix Paranormal /Facebook

In light of Halloween 2021, Phoenix Paranormal marked their return to all things ‘haunted’ by investigating the infamous Kempton Park Hospital on the East Rand.

South Africa’s most haunted | Kempton Park Hospital

Ever since 2014, Phoenix Paranormal South Africa have been gathering information, personal accounts and social media commentary on the most haunted and active locations in South Africa.

The group, established by Charmaine Roos and Arno Du Toit, are said to be a “professional ghost hunting team” situated in Pretoria and Johannesburg. They use “state of the art technology” to conduct their investigations in order to “look for proof of the paranormal”. The group reportedly uses high-end electrical equipment to capture evidence of the unknown.

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As of recently, they found ‘evidence’ of the unknown at the Kempton Park Hospital.

“We had some intelligent responses, wandered through some creepy spaces and also had a run-in with a very dark entity,” Phoenix Paranormal South Africa wrote on Facebook. “Hopefully the evidence can shed some light on the many mysteries and hauntings of the notorious Kempton Park Hospital...

The hospital has become a popular spot for ghost hunters ever since the facility shut its doors in 1996, leaving behind millions of rands worth of equipment that has now been damaged or stolen. It is reported that when the hospital closed, there have been questions about what went wrong but there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer – just speculation that limited utilisation and the wrong location were strong factors as to why the doors were closed.

And so, Roos previously explained that it is common for most hospitals to be haunted.

“It gets fuelled by the extreme human emotions people experienced in this place,” Roos told Business Insider South Africa in 2019. “In turn sparking an extreme residue enough to leave an imprint on the environment, and thereby causing unexplained activity,” said Roos.

What is even stranger, is that the ghosts seem to have “spilled” out into neighbouring homes. One family experienced poltergeist activity whereby their curtains would frequently be opened, and their doors would shut with extreme force. Other reports included that of a homeowner finding a trail of wet, childlike footprints strewn across his house. While another family living next to the hospital says they have encountered ghosts of little children who would play with their children’s toys. 

“Stories of locals residing close by the hospital have been surfacing for a while now. Witnesses say there has been much-unexplained activity inside their homes. We believe this could possibly be linked to them living next to the infamous hospital,” said Roos. “Abandoned buildings are sometimes known for less friendly spirits because they are used to dabbling in the occult,” she said further.

You can watch the investigation into the Kempton Park Hospital in the video below: