Beyond the braai: Celebrating

Image: Canva

Beyond the braai: Celebrating Heritage Day with all the right ingredients

From taking a virtual tour, to listening to the perfect beat, here’s a listicle with a few things you can add to your to-do list for the weekend if you’re falling short of plans.

Beyond the braai: Celebrating

Image: Canva

Heritage Day is always an exciting day in South Africa. Arriving after we’ve said “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to spring, Heritage Day is a time to kick back, light the fire and hang out with family and friends over a cold beverage (while also celebrating our beautiful country of course). 

According to Google Trends, South Africans’ interest has peaked this week leading up to the annual public holiday, with the search terms “heritage day history” seeing a +200% spike and “happy heritage day” with a +70% uptick. If Search trends are anything to go by, then this is certainly a time to reflect on and celebrate the rich tapestry of South African history and cultures.

Interest in the search term “heritage day” between September 2020 and September 2021. Image: Supplied

Now, we know that Heritage Day is about way more than just braais, but we also know that a good braai is one thing that unites South Africans, regardless of their heritage. Here’s a listicle with a few things you can add to your to-do list for the weekend’ if you’re falling short of plans. 

Turn the music up

One thing’s for sure, South Africans love their music, they’ve even been nicknamed ‘the dancing nation’ by some. Because no day is complete without some lekker tunes playing in the background, these proudly South African YouTube Music Playlists will be sure to get your day started and sustain you until the sun sets: South African Throwbacks, 2000s Hits and AmaPiano Trip

Take a virtual art tour

The University of Pretoria recently became the first university in the country to launch its art and heritage collection online in partnership with Google Arts & Culture. Wander through and explore historical artefacts ranging from the prehistoric age to the 21st century. If that doesn’t interest you, then this exhibition: South Africa: The Land of Mohair, which explores the history of the country’s mohair industry, might just do the trick. 

Plan your next sho’t left

As travel restrictions ease, and we find ourselves being able to do more than we could this time last year, it might be worth planning a trip to one of our ten heritage sites in South Africa. Have you been itching to go to the Cradle of Humankind to learn more about the origins of the human race or be in awe of the Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape in the Northern Cape? Google Maps allows you to create lists of things to do and places you want to visit in the future. Create a list of heritage sites near you, and plan for a time you can go explore the next time you’re free. 

Just like the perfect chakalaka for your braai plate, a mix of these ingredients will ensure this year’s Heritage Day is one to remember. Whether you’re enjoying it alone, or with your family and friends, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.