Inno Matijane

‘The Way Ngingakhona’ reality TV star Inno Matijane transfoms. Image via Instagram @InnoMatijane

‘I hated wearing dresses’: Inno discusses gender transformation

‘The Way Ngingakhona’ reality TV star and presenter Inno Matijane opens up about his gender transformation journey.

Inno Matijane

‘The Way Ngingakhona’ reality TV star Inno Matijane transfoms. Image via Instagram @InnoMatijane

Social media influencer and The Way Ngingakhona reality TV star Inno Matijane has opened up about the struggles of gender transformation.   

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The star of Moja Love’s reality TV show The Way Ngingakhona Inno Matijane revealed to Daily Sun that he’s struggling with deciding what gender they are.   

“The gender dysphoria has been quite hell, to be honest. My transgender friends, whom I thought would be supportive to help me find myself, mocked me when they saw me in the wigs for the first time and that killed me the first time. I did let them know that I’ll never forget how my own trans friends received me. They made me feel like I’m doing it because they’re trans.”  

Matijane adds that the dysphoria is affecting his social life as he’s started wearing dresses, wigs, and make-up.  

“I won’t lie at first, I used to hate these things. I don’t know if the hate derived from fear or because I went from dating girls to being gay. I’m confused and it’s affecting my social life because I’m confusing people around me. It’s making me feel like I’m just an attention seeker and I invalidate myself because how can one person be so all over the place? I don’t know. know I want to just truly experience self-love.”  


The reality TV star also tells Daily Sun that he’s shared his journey on a public platform because people are not aware of how many people are conflicted with their birth gender and how it affects them.  

“It’s not just waking up and deciding ‘hey I’m a transgender, no, there’s a lot of internal hate you go through with yourself.”  

“I know there’s a lot of people like me out there and sharing this might just help give us perspective on how we can be kinder to ourselves and help get to where we need to be.”

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Inno Matijane transfoms. Image via Instagram @InnoMatijane

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