#BBM Nale opens up about joining the judging panel of Miss SA teen. Image via Twitter @Naledimogadime

#BBMzansi: Nale reveals why she stayed away from men and kissing

Evicted #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) housemate – Nale discusses her time in the reality show and her plans after leaving the house.


#BBM Nale opens up about joining the judging panel of Miss SA teen. Image via Twitter @Naledimogadime

Former #BBMzansi reality star – Naledi Mogadime aka Nale chats about her shocking eviction on the Big Brother Mzansi and her plans after exiting the house.  

Nale’s fans were furious when she was evicted because she wasn’t nominated for eviction by anyone but ended up in danger after Libo used his Head of House veto power to nominate her.  

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The 24-year-old model and actress – Nale told #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) host – Lawrence Maleka that it sucks that Libo put her up because they were close.  

“It sucks. Libo and I, we did our chores together, we slept in the same area, we spoke about everything. And now you’re gonna put by a** on the chopping block? That is dark”  

She also told Drum Magazine in an interview that Libo betrayed her trust.  

“I feel betrayed, Libo is like a big brother to me. Considering that I was not nominated, what he did rocked me.”

“I had to sit with myself and realise that we are not the same, he was just playing a game like everyone else.”  

“It may be done in the house, but my journey in the real world begins and I am looking forward to it.”  

She also reveals that she was genuinely happy about her eviction because her purpose has been fulfilled.  

“Staying somewhere longer than you should do more harm than good. I will make my 2 million in no other way,” she says.  

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Nale also tells the publications that she was wasn’t much of a strategist while other housemates played a tough game.  

“I am here outside of the house because of my lack of strategizing.”

“I noticed that the people in the house were very strategic in the way they moved, and the things they said.”  

Fans of the reality star have also applauded her for not interacting with the opposite sex and not getting intimate.  

“I stayed away from kissing anyone intentionally. I made it my prime goal to stay away from men.”

“They have a weird way of overpowering your narrative.”

“I didn’t want to put myself in a position where people say I get things based on my looks, a relationship, or pretty privilege.”  

She hopes that one of the ladies walks away with the R2 million prize money.  

“If Terry, Thato, or Mphowabadimo get it, my heart and would be so happy.” 

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