#BBMzansi 2022: Acacia is the third housemate to be evicted. Image via Twitter @BBMzansi

#BBMzansi 2022: Acacia is the third housemate to be evicted

Acacia was the third housemate to be evicted from #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi). Mpho, Vyno, Nale, Themba , Nthabii and Zino were saved.


#BBMzansi 2022: Acacia is the third housemate to be evicted. Image via Twitter @BBMzansi

#BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) season three housemates Nale, Acacia, Themba, Mpho, Vyno Miller, Zino, and Nthabii were the second housemates to be nominated for eviction from the reality TV show  

Acacia received the least number of votes from the public and was sent home.  

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#BBMzansi’s (Big Brother Mzansi) second live eviction was held tonight (13 February) three weeks after the commencement of the reality TV show.    

Acacia was the third housemate to be evicted this week after Mvelo and Dinky Bliss last week (6 February).

Thando Mati aka Acacia is a family orientated model who describes herself as fun, loving, a free-spirited risk-taker according to  

The 30-year-old mother of one is a foodie who would love to open a restaurant that only serves everything that she likes.  

Acacia was evicted for scoring the least votes from the public.   

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The male housemates – Vyno Miller, Libo, BU, and Tulz held a ‘men’s conference’ and discussed Gash1.  

Libo told the guys that Gash1 has been playing all of them by trying to break up the couples in the house.   

Gash1 has been listening in on their conversations and twisting their conversations to stir trouble in the house.   

He whispered in Mpho’s ear and told her that Libo is trying to sleep with her to make them trend and get ‘liked’ or votes from the public.   

Vyno added that he tried to do the same thing between him and Terry, who he’s been romantically linked to.  

Yoli also told Norman this morning that Vyno made a move on her last night at the party and told her that he likes her more than Terry.   

She added that Vyno knows Terry from the outside and he’s dating Terry in the house because it’s all part of the game.    

Gash1 was also relieved of cooking duties as he’s been accused of stealing food in the house.



“Next week we need Thato, Terry, Libo, Tulz, Venus, Tamara, Yoli and BU on the hot seat.”


“Sis Tamara is my fave.”

“I want her to be up so that I can vote for her massively.”

“This will also allow her fanbase to grow more.”


“Lawrence my brother you have three major missions Nale, Themba Yoli, Vyno and Mpho, Gash1 and Libo.”

“Shake and break and dissolve those unfinished puzzles please.” 


“Mpho Wabadimo is not going home cela nithi hooray.”


“We need Lawrence to shake things up, a lot went down this week.”  

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