Babes-Wodumo-Mampintsha mom Zamanguni Galavanting

Babes Wodumo called to order by Mampintsha’s mom. Images via Instagram: @babes_wodumo

Babes Wodumo slammed for ‘gallivanting’ while in mourning

Mampintsha’s mother Zamanguni Gumede is not happy with Babes Wodumo’s behaviour and says she will not be surprised if she starts dating soon.

Babes-Wodumo-Mampintsha mom Zamanguni Galavanting

Babes Wodumo called to order by Mampintsha’s mom. Images via Instagram: @babes_wodumo

Self-proclaimed Gqom Queen Babes Wodumo has been slammed by her mother-in-law Zamanguni Gumede for not following mourning procedure after her son Mampintsha passed on.

According to Zimoja, Mampintsha’s mother is reportedly not happy after she saw videos of her daughter-in-law, Babes Wodumo trending on the internet for dancing and performing at nightclubs just days after her son’s funeral.

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Zamanguni told the publication, “One; no offence, I love Babes, she and I reunited and made peace at the funeral, but this is not how things are done…”.

“Firstly, she is not at home, she is gallivanting in the streets, drinking and partying. Two, she is not wearing traditional mourning clothes. The daughter of a pastor is not following the rules. She is doing things her own way,” she said.

The Uthando Lodumo star added that she feels that Babes is disrespecting her son by not doing what is expected of her as a wife.

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“I am not a very traditional person myself, and I understand people heal differently and deal with grief in their own way, but this is not right. This is painful to watch. She is disrespecting my son in a way,” she added.


Zamanguni wants Babes Wodumo’s parents to call her to order instead of allowing her to do the things she keeps doing while in mourning.

“Why are they not saying anything? It has not even been a month. I wouldn’t be shocked If she were to start dating someone. After everything, I am very disappointed. I just want her and me to talk and for us to find a way forward.”

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A day after her husband and fellow musician Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo was laid to rest, Babes Wodumo was back on stage doing what she does best, which is entertaining crowds through music and dance.

Although — on day of the funeral on 30 December — the Maphumulo family gave her the liberty to do so, some fans are against the queen of gqom’s decision to not “traditionally” mourn her husband.

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