Tickets for music star Adele’s ‘Weekend With Adele’ show are selling for R800 000. Image via Twitter @CBS

‘The highest ever’: Adele fans are paying R800k to see her LIVE

Tickets for the four-month show, ‘Weekends With Adele’, in Las Vegas, are selling for R800 000, which is a record for the singer.


Tickets for music star Adele’s ‘Weekend With Adele’ show are selling for R800 000. Image via Twitter @CBS

Bang Showbiz reported that Adele’s fans are paying R800 000 for her Weekends With Adele four-month show despite the disappointment expressed back in January after she postponed her show.  

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The publication adds that the (£38,000/ $44,000) R800 000 tickets for the four-month show Weekends With Adele in Las Vegas marks a record for the Someone Like You hitmaker.  

“Websites would not charge those fees if people were not willing to pay those sums. Without a doubt, Adele’s ticket prices are, by far, the highest ever in the history of the Las Vegas strip,” American publicist Brodie Cooper told The Sunday People.  

Tickets to the rescheduled performance dates have been selling for exorbitant amounts after fans expressed disappointment back in January after she postponed her Las Vegas Residency just 24 hours before opening night.  

According to the Citizen, the cheapest fans can expect to pay at the Ceasar’s Palace Colloseum is R12 000 (£579/ $672) while back-row seats initially cost R1 663 (£79/ $91).  

A source from Bang Showbiz reveals that the production will be very classy and that the show is centred on her energy and vocals.   

“She wants it to be more intimate and to connect with the audience by being with them during the performance. Adele wants to make her mark with this show and be regarded as one of the greatest-ever headliners in Sin City.”  

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The award-winning singer Adele and her partner Rich Paul fuelled marriage rumours for a second time in September after she took to her Instagram on Tuesday 5 September to show off her award and thank those who contributed to her success.  

But upon sharing some snaps, some of her eagle-eyed fans could not help but notice something peculiar in the background, which seems to have given away her marital status.  

After sharing the pics, one fan wrote “’ The Paul’s is you married?! [sic]” while another wrote with excitement, “’ The Paul’s’ my is married!”  

However, some followers were not so convinced as the label says “The Paul’s” and not “The Pauls.”  

“I can’t tell if I am more excited about it or upset at the bad punctuation,” another wrote.  

In an interview with Vogue, the Grammy award-winning star confirmed her relationship and rubbished rumours that she’s engaged in an Elle interview this year.   

“I’m not engaged. I just love high-end jewellery, boy!” she said.  

In the same interview, she repeatedly joked about the fact that she’s not married.  

“Well.Well. Well, I’m not married,” she said. 

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