Sonia Mbele plays the role of Lizbeth in ‘Blood & Water’ season three. Image: Supplied.

‘Blood & Water’ season three ‘villain’: Q&A with Sonia Mbele

Veteran actress Sonia Mbele opens up about playing the ‘villain’ on ‘Blood & Water’ season three: ‘Lisbeth is here to cover her tracks’.


Sonia Mbele plays the role of Lizbeth in ‘Blood & Water’ season three. Image: Supplied.

The South African had an exclusive interview with Sonia Mbele, who plays the role of the “villain” Lizbeth on season three of Blood & Water.

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Veteran actress Sonia Mbele takes centre stage in the third season of Blood & Water. She plays the role of Lizbeth – Mom to KB (Thabang Molaba) and wife to Matla (Sello Maake Ka-Ncube). 

Lizbeth is trying to cover her tracks, but will Puleng (Ama Qamata) and Fikile (Khosi Ngema) be too much for her to handle?

“Lines are crossed and questionable choices are made as our favourite sisters Puleng & Fikile uncover deeper secrets that leave them questioning everything they thought they knew. Tragedies will shake families, horrific uncoverings will leave you silent and heroic actions amongst our beloved teens may bring some clarity to the truth,” according to Netflix.

Blood & Water
Netflix releases trailer for ‘Blood & Water’ season three. Image: Supplied.

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What was playing the villain on season three of Blood & Water like?

“Funny! My daughter asked me that recently, she was like ‘why are you the villain?’ And I was like ’cause I’m good at it!’,”.

Did you find the character challenging or intriguing? 

“Playing the villain is never easy, I just chose to be fearless. I always say ‘I’m an actress, I can act like I can do anything’,”.

What can viewers expect from Lisbeth this season?

“I think viewers are going to be shocked about how she literally feels nothing, they’re going to find it hard that she is KB’s mother, someone viewers have kinda watched him being raised by a single parent, now this woman”.

Do you think your character would be the most hated character this season?

“Without a doubt, I personally don’t identify with her nor do I respect her parenting and moral campus. If I don’t like her, viewers are certainly not going to love her”.

Do you think Lisbeth cares for her son?

“Lisbeth is here to cover her tracks”.

What was your favourite behind the scenes moment from set?

“People on the set were there to work and that was very much the energy, I mean personally I was in pre-production on a project which meant travelling with my immediate team. If I was not filming, I was working”.

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