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‘Bigger gift = better dinner?’ Bride offers guests food based on their gifts

A couple left the net in stitches after giving guests a bizarre menu that is based on how much money they plan on spending on the wedding gift.

Bride guest

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to bridezillas and bizarre weddings, a bride and groom have left the internet shook. The couple decided the best way to get only premium gifts was to feed people according to how much they spent on the wedding gifts – bizarre, we know.

Bride to her guests: Premium gift gets you premium food

One thing that never ceases to surprise me is how some couples go out of their way to have lavish weddings and then find some crazy way to make their guests pay for the extravagance that they insisted on having.

The latest extremely outrageous couple has shocked many with their bizarre yet quite clever way to get people to buy them expensive gifts.

A Reddit user who couldn’t believe her eyes shared how the couple gave each guest a note where they were asked to reveal how much they were planning on spending on a wedding gift to determine what kind of meal they were getting.

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In the note, the guests were divided into four categories which were named ‘loving gift, golden gift, silver gift’, and platinum gift’.

The price ranges for loving category was $250 (R3,5k) and got you roast chicken or swordfish. Silver gift is $251-$500 (between R3,5k – R7k) and secured guests sliced steak or poached salmon.

For the gold gift buyers, the $501- $1000 gang ( between R7k and R14k), they could choose dishes under the first, second category or choose between filet mignon or lobster tails.

If the gifts guests were buying were above $1000 and below $2500 (between R14k and R35.4k) then it fell into the ‘platinum gift’ category – dinner – dishes under the first, second, third category or a lobster with a souvenir champagne goblet.

r/weddingshaming - Bigger cash gift = better dinner?

Here’s what the internet has to say:

everythingiswrong_ said:

“Everybody should just say their gift was over $1k, eat the 2lb of lobster, and laugh thinking about the couple opening their $40 toaster later”

your_Lightness said:

“Naah no need to lie or cheat… I will go for the 1 dollar roasted chicken. Even beats Walmart with 3 dollars!”

bitchy_badger said:

“That is horrific. My response would be zero and I will bring McDonald’s”

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