‘Disgusted’: #BBMzansi fans call out Libo and Tulz for calling Mpho a witch. Image via YouTube @CBSWaves

‘Disgusted’: #BBMzansi fans call out Libo and Tulz for calling Mpho a ‘witch’

Viewers of #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) are unhappy with Tulz and Libo for calling sangoma -Mphowabadimo a witch.


‘Disgusted’: #BBMzansi fans call out Libo and Tulz for calling Mpho a witch. Image via YouTube @CBSWaves

Fans of Mphowabadimo don’t appreciate the way her #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) housemates – Tulz, Libo, and Venus have been treating her.  

Viewers of the reality show are concerned that Mpho is being discriminated against because of her spiritual beliefs.   

Tulz and Libo recently distanced themselves from Mpho and stated that she’s got bad energy and labelled her a witch during one of the conversations.   

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#BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) contestant Michelle Mvundla who is popularly known as Mphowabadimo is a 27-year-old sangoma from Daveyton in Gauteng.   

She has soft, laidback energy and describes herself as an outgoing and kind person according to  

She also revealed in her interview that she has zero-tolerance for nonsense and that she’s a doting mum who is also a spiritual person.  

Her spiritual gift enables her to heal, connect and give closure to others.  

Her passion and calling and she loves cheering people up.  

Mvundla entered the competition because she’s always wanted to be part of the reality show since she was a teenager.   

She loves getting tattoos, shopping, cooking and believes she will leave an imprint on her housemates’ souls, spirits, and hearts.  

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“Yazi Lloyd I must point it out to you if there are hurtful hateful people out there, those people are Christians.”

“Christians are quick to pass judgment on the other and see themselves as *angels* while they behave like *devils*.”

“It’s really sad that such utterances are made.” 


“Libo and Tulz. Libo even made a hand signal, implying that she uses muthi and she brings bad energy bc of that.”


“And haters always claim she was calling other housemates witches.”

“They don’t have one video to prove this. Just the usual twisting Mpho’s words to suit their false narrative. #bbmzansi”


“Very low n it has to be addressed.”