‘Bee-ting’ the bottle: Thirsty

Image: ViralHog/YouTube

‘Bee-ting’ the bottle: Thirsty bee team blows lid on Fanta drink [viral video]

Social media is abuzz with a video of two slick bees seemingly twisting the lid off a Fanta soft drink bottle.

‘Bee-ting’ the bottle: Thirsty

Image: ViralHog/YouTube

A new viral video, originally posted on Twitter, shows two bees unscrewing the lid of a Fanta bottle in order to reach the sugary liquid inside.

The secrets skills of bees?

According to Science Alert, the bees seemingly toppled (an already loosely perched) bottle cap. According to ViralHog, the video licensor that acquired the footage said that the moment was caught on camera in São Paulo, Brazil during their lunch break.

“I got a soda from a customer but soon the bees stole it,” the person wrote in the video’s caption on YouTube.

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Tweeps react

Many are now wondering how it can be that these flying insects are this intelligent.

“What kind of intelligence exists in such a tiny brain, how do they know it has to be twisted anti clockwise?” commented Jeffrey Marlowe on Twitter.

Others mean that it might just be “digital trickery”.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it and I’m still not sure I believe it!” said Brian B.

“They probably don’t know. Just trial and error… And the cap was probably already loosen,” said Tomas Prior.

“This is easily in the top 10 most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” said AbhishekG.

Other saw the lighter side of things:

“The video where they bought it with their apple watch [will also be] worth [it] to watch [sic],” said Vincent Niourrep.


The intelligence of bees

Despite having a brain the size of grass seed, roughly 0.0002% the size of a human, bees have proved surprisingly intelligent in recent research. Not only can these insects learn from each other and use tools, but they can also learn from their mistakes.

In fact, in 1962, a decade before winning the Nobel Prize for research on bee communication, Karl von Frisch, admitted bees could “accomplish astonishing intellectual feats”. He claimed they did so only through instinct, failing “when suddenly faced with unfamiliar tasks”.