'The Wife'

‘The Wife’ actor Thulane Shange as Mqoqi. Images via Twitter @Maso241119 and @Katlegomalepane

‘I’m close to the cast’: Actor Thulane Shange on ‘The Wife’ ending

‘The Wife’ actor Thulane Shange says he’ll miss playing Mqoqi
‘the assassin’ when production wraps up in two weeks’ time,

'The Wife'

‘The Wife’ actor Thulane Shange as Mqoqi. Images via Twitter @Maso241119 and @Katlegomalepane

The talented actor Thulane Shange, who plays the character of Mqoqi in The Wife shares his journey with the role and cast members. 

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The former Uzalo actor Thulane Shange admits he’ll miss The Wife cast, playing Mqoqi, but tells City Press that “the show must go on”.

“When it started, we were just cast members, but now we are a family and each one of us brings something different to the others. The funny part is that I am not even close to my biological brothers, but I am so close to the cast because I spend most of my time with them at work, and, when I have issues, they see them before everyone else because we are close and we are always together,” he explains.

Shange adds that the show changed his life and that he’s close to his on-screen brothers. 

“I am close to all of the brothers in different respects. I know that when I want to talk about traditional things, Bhut’ Omdala [big brother, Makhoba] is the one to go to because he is very supportive when it comes to those things. When I want to talk about hustling, I go to Wiseman or Sipho, because we speak the same language in terms of age and other things.”

His on-screen brothers are actors Mondli Makhoba who plays Nkosana,  Wiseman Mncube who plays Mqhele in season three and Bonko Khoza in seasons one and two, Sipho Ndlovu who plays Sambulo, Kwenzo Ngcobo who plays Qhawe, Abdul Khoza who played Nqoba, Ishmauel Songo who played Mpande, and Swelihle Luthuli who plays Ntsika. 

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The Wife actor Thulane Shange reveals to City Press that he scored the role of Mqoqi after sending an audition tape that he recorded for e.tv’s medical drama Durban Gen.

Shange tells the publication that he prepared for the role by spending time with people at a hostel and imitating them.

“I see the way they dress and understand how they relate and try to embody those things. You allow yourself as an actor to become an empty vessel and just feed yourself with information that is related to your character … I say goodbye to Thulane and get into the character.”

“The Wife allowed me to grow spiritually and emotionally and took me to spaces I never thought I could reach both mentally and physically. It has changed my life so much so that I have learnt to become strong and to use my body and acting capabilities to explore several things.”

“I have learnt to tell different stories and I have learnt to work with people because, at work, we are brothers, we are united, and I have learnt the meaning of family. We have found a family in each other as brothers.”

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