A look inside the world’s firs

The world’s first-ever ‘meme museum’ in Hong Kong. Image via Instagram @globetrotergirl.

A look inside the world’s first-ever ‘meme museum’ in Hong Kong [photos]

From the popular ‘disappointed fan’ meme to the ‘distracted boyfriend’, the first-ever meme museum has a ‘time tunnel’ of memes. Here’s a look.

A look inside the world’s firs

The world’s first-ever ‘meme museum’ in Hong Kong. Image via Instagram @globetrotergirl.

Online humor platform 9GAG has opened the world’s first meme museum at an art mall in Hong Kong, which runs until 5 September.


Located at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong, the meme museum showcases the most iconic memes the internet has to offer including the history of both old and new memes.

The meme museum features seven main areas that showcase the most popular memes from Drake’s Hotline Bling to the “distracted boyfriend” meme. The seven-story mall located in Tsim Sha Tsui, a shopping and nightlife district in Kowloon aims to “bring art back into everyday living” by featuring exhibits on its shopping premises.

“MEME is a kind of art, MEME MAKER is to hide folk artists ????‍????,” wrote K11 Mall on Instagram when the caption was translated to English.

“K11 Art Mall has always been committed to promoting local creative power, to present more artistic possibilities, and there are so few MEMEs that everyone can burn day and night and laugh for years!,” the mall continued.

“In this issue of the “WHY SO MEME” project, the local network platform 9GAG will be brought from the network to the entity, and the first MEME MUSEUM by 9GAG will be set up. The exhibition invites many artists to create a second time, reinterpret the classic memories of nearly half a century, and upgrade the folk creative MEME drawings into pieces of art ✨,” the mall added.

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Tourists and visitors can take a trip down the “time tunnel” to have a look at the history of memes via rows of television screens including displays of Hong Kong styled jokes as well as worldwide classics such as the over his irate reaction to a dropped ball in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. 

Here is an inside look at the museum. 



One of the features of the museum is a temporary tattoo station offering meme prints, photo booths that create custom memes and a 4D interactive zone. There is also an augmented reality exhibit that brings modes of 2D meme’s to life as they pass a screen on the cinveryor belt. 

Lisa Tang posted the video to YouTube. Here is a look.


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