Carl Cox

DJ Carl Cox Image via Twitter @Carl_Cox

Three-deck wizard DJ Carl Cox shares his wildest stories in biography

DJ Carl Cox is sharing all of his wildest stories in a book titled ‘Oh yes, oh yes!’ One story in particular will grab your attention.

Carl Cox

DJ Carl Cox Image via Twitter @Carl_Cox

Carl Cox describes himself as one of the most charming DJs in the business. Cox has grown to become one of the most prominent techno DJs in the United Kingdom. The Manchester-born star says every time he tells a certain story, no one believes him. 

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Speaking to The Guardian, Cox narrated a story of the moment he heard gunshots go off while playing a set in Caracas, Venezuela. The superstar DJ was in South America as a part of his tour. 

While playing the set, he thought he heard fireworks go off at the festival but later realised that people were dispersing from the dance floor and realised that they weren’t fireworks but gunshots. 

Cox crawled on the floor to a backstage locker room and was escorted safely out of the venue. The next day he flew out to stay with his parents in Barbados. 

“All I knew that was that people had died at a Carl Cox event. I thought: I don’t want to do this anymore.”


Although it took him some time to return to DJing, Cox eventually returned to life behind the decks and said the love and support from the crowd helped him through the ordeal. 

“You could feel the love and support that allowed me to do the next party and the one after that. With every set, it got a little bit easier.”

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This is just one of the many stories DJ Carl Cox tells in his autobiography, Oh Yes, Oh Yes! 

“The three-deck wizard” (as he is popularly known) tells fascinating stories about his music and travelling the world. He dives deep into how he got into the world of DJing and also gets into one of his most memorable moments in DJing, a nine-hour set in Ibiza. 

The book was officially released on 19 August. 

“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for standing with me all along the way. What a journey!” the legendary DJ said.