First Lie Wins

‘First Lie Wins’ by bestselling author Ashley Elston. Image via X @AppleBooks.

‘First Lie Wins’: The thriller that has the book world buzzing

‘New York Times’ bestselling author, Ashley Elston’s latest novel, ‘First Lie Wins’ is one of the most talked-about thrillers of 2024 and for good reason.

First Lie Wins

‘First Lie Wins’ by bestselling author Ashley Elston. Image via X @AppleBooks.

Author Ashley Elston is not new to the book world. She has six successful young adult novels behind her name. This year, however, she has made her debut into a new genre, namely adult thrillers.

Her first adult thriller, First Lie Wins, has burst onto the book scene and immediately became a New York Times bestseller. According to her website, Elston’s novel will also be adapted by Hulu for the big screen by Grey’s Anatomy’s showrunner, Krista Vernoff and actress Octavia Spencer.

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Evie Porter has everything a nice, Southern girl could want: a perfect, doting boyfriend, a house with a white picket fence and a garden, a fancy group of friends. The only catch: Evie Porter doesn’t exist.

Winter is always a time for diving into thrillers and mysteries for me, and First Lie Wins is perfect for this time of year. Not only does the story grip you and keep you engaged, but the characters are also realistic and compelling.

I am a big fan of a morally grey main character and Evie Porter is just that. You cannot help but be on her side and be rooting for her but the reader is conflicted as well. The way that Elston reveals more and more about Evie as the story unfolds is genius.

But what is a good thriller, if there is no mystery? Elston has this covered with a mystery with many twists and turns. She has written a book that you really struggle to put down because you just need to know what happens next. First Lie Wins is definitely worth the hype.


“Buckle up. ‘First Lie Wins‘ features some of the best cat and mouse suspense I’ve read in years, while serving up plenty of heart along this wild ride. I’m still breathless”.

Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author of ‘One Step Too Far’.

“Ingeniously plotted. . . Elston whips up plenty of suspense and delivers a satisfyingly serpentine finale. This promises more good things from Elston to come”.

Publishers Weekly

“’First Lie Wins‘ is the most suspenseful game of deception I’ve ever read…. Ashley Elston peeled back layer upon layer of a carefully crafted plot, revealing a series of twists and reveals I never saw coming. Brilliant”.

Elle Cosimano, ‘New York Times‘ bestselling author of ‘Finlay Donovan Is Killing It‘.


The identity comes first: Evie Porter. Once she’s given a name and location by her mysterious boss Mr. Smith, she learns everything there is to know about the town and the people in it. Then the mark: Ryan Sumner. The last piece of the puzzle is the job.

Evie isn’t privy to Mr. Smith’s real identity, but she knows this job will be different. Ryan has gotten under her skin, and she’s starting to envision a different sort of life for herself. But Evie can’t make any mistakes—especially after what happened last time.

Because the one thing she’s worked her entire life to keep clean, the one identity she could always go back to—her real identity—just walked right into this town. Evie Porter must stay one step ahead of her past while making sure there’s still a future in front of her. The stakes couldn’t be higher—but then, Evie has always liked a challenge.


According to her website, Ashley Elston is the author of #1 New York Times bestseller and Reese’s Book Club pick, First Lie WinsFirst Lie Wins has also been optioned for television by ABC Signature with Octavia Spencer and Krista Vernoff attached to the project. She is also the author of six YA books. Ashley lives in Louisiana with her husband and three sons.

First Lie Wins is published by Headline Publishing Group and is available for purchase from Exclusive Books stores.

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