again rachel marian keyes

Award-winning Irish author Marian Keyes brings back her beloved literary heroine in ‘Again, Rachel’. Image: Jenna Solomon

Same heroine, new drama: Marian Keyes charms with ‘Again, Rachel’

The eighth novel in the Walsh family series, ‘Again, Rachel’, has all the laughter, love and drama you’d expect from Marian Keyes. 

again rachel marian keyes

Award-winning Irish author Marian Keyes brings back her beloved literary heroine in ‘Again, Rachel’. Image: Jenna Solomon

Twenty-five years after Rachel Walsh won hearts around the world in Rachel’s Holiday, award-winning Irish author Marian Keyes has brought the beloved heroine her back to life. Again, Rachel is a deep-dive into living with ever-lurking addiction and coming to terms with the havoc it can wreck.

As with any of Keyes’s books, this one is hilarious, full of larger-than-life female characters and oh-so-much family drama!

‘Again, Rachel’: Synopsis

Rachel Walsh is head counsellor at the same addiction clinic where she was once treated as a recovering drug addict.

She gardens, walks her dog in the nearby forest and attends Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings religiously. She’s planning holidays with her boyfriend, as well as attending family committee meetings to organise Mammy Walsh’s 80th birthday party.  Her addiction is 20 years in the past…or so she thinks.

When Luke, her former flame, returns to Ireland, she’s forced to confront a trauma in their shared past. With memories flooding her and her family divided on what she should do, her serene life is unsettled. Should she protect her hard-won, contented present? Or should she unearth the remnants of great love in order to find closure? 

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Is ‘Again, Rachel’ for You?

If you’ve loved any of Marian Keyes’s bold yet funny heroines, you’ll probably adore Rachel. You don’t need to have read any of the Walsh family series (including the prequel, Rachel’s Holiday) to enjoy this one. And if you have read any of the previous novels, consider this a good catch-up with the busy Irish family!

Again, Rachel is a light-hearted mixture of romance and comedy with the added — and more serious — subject of addiction. It’s a modern fairytale, in which the heroine has to do some intense soul-searching to find her prince. But, as a romantic read, a happily-ever-after might be just around the corner…so keep on reading!

There is a trigger warning, though: Rachel is an addict (in recovery) and she’s also dealing with bereavement. Readers can also expect instances of domestic abuse from some of the addicts at the clinic. 

Marian Keyes: More about the author

Marian Keyes, bestselling Irish novelist, photographed at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival on 10 April 2016 in Oxford, United Kingdom. Image: David Levenson/Getty Images

Marian Keyes is the much-loved, critically-acclaimed author of 14 novels. Her work centres on Irish women tackling the challenges of modern life, including addiction, depression and immigration. These are themes with which she has had personal experience, having suffered from alcoholism and depression in her early thirties. 

Today, Keyes is involved with charities in Ireland and abroad which address social issues. She lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Again, Rachel is published by Michael Joseph and is available at Exclusive Books for R328.