‘Transcend’ by Evita Nyandoro is a must-read for young South African women. Image via Instagram @evita.nyandoro.

‘Transcend’: A modern woman’s guide to navigating life and ambition

In her first book, ‘Transcend’, chartered accountant Evita Nyandoro provides a no-nonsense guide to navigating a personal life and career.


‘Transcend’ by Evita Nyandoro is a must-read for young South African women. Image via Instagram @evita.nyandoro.

The professional world can be a scary one, both for those who are looking to get started and even those who have years of experience. Without help, this world could swallow you up and you can lose sight of your identity.

This is where Nyandoro comes in. In her first book, Transcend, the author provides young South African women with an honest and hopeful look at the modern corporate world.

Packed with Nyandoro’s own personal stories and sound business advice for both young professionals and seasoned businesswomen, Transcend is not one to miss. No matter what your career, this self-help guide will open your eyes and change the way you look at the world.


Transcend is especially important, not just for its good business advice, but also because it is a hands-on look at the business world from a black woman’s perspective. Evita Nyandoro is a shining light for South African women everywhere and her love for female empowerment is clear in her work.

“I feel like this book landed on my doorstep 5 years too late!”

Author Sue Nyathi on ‘Transcend’.

Too many times we are waiting for the big names to validate us before we speak. Nyandoro challenged this as she fights to recapture individual stories by telling her own.

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Often, we are taught to separate our work lives from our personal lives. We have to show up in the different spaces we occupy as different people all in an effort to excel in our lives and careers.

How do some people have it all? How do they climb up the corporate ladder, have the seemingly perfect family, and still manage to own the boardrooms they sit in? Ever wondered how they got there?

‘Transcend’ by Evita Nyandoro. Image: Supplied

Nyandoro had those exact same thoughts from an early age. As she grew in her career within financial services, she realised that the biggest mistake we make is waiting until we are successful before we share our stories. Now, Nyandoro finds herself in the middle of her career and has decided to share some of the things she has learned thus far on how to navigate life and ambition in your career.

In this book, readers will change the way they think about themselves and their career. You will learn:

  • To develop a winner’s mindset as you embark on your career journey and ensure what you study is aligned to what the world needs
  • The basic life skills that will see you flourish in the workplace
  • How to find a corporate role that resonates with you
  • Strategies that you can utilize to get ahead in your career
  • And finally, the reality of being a woman in the working world and how to navigate the challenges that come with it

Overall, this book will revitalize you, encourage you and help you thrive in all spheres of your life.


Image via Instagram @evita.nyandoro.

Nyandoro grew up in a small town in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Although she never really thought much about her career when growing up, she knew she wanted to enjoy whatever career she would end up in.

Today, she is a highly sought-after chartered accountant who has worked in various roles all over the world in advisory positions, construction and banking.

She has served on the boards of unlisted and listed entities and has worked for some of the biggest global corporates. Nyandoro uses her experience to ignite discussions around careers and how they can be enhanced without losing one’s self-essence.

This book is what Nyandoro had hoped someone would have told her about or given to her when she started her career.

Transcend is published by Kwarts Publishers and is available for purchase from Amazon.