Trevor Stuurman

Trevor Stuurman will be presenting his photography at the Doyle Wham gallery in London. Image via Twitter @trevor_stuurman

Trevor Stuurman to present solo photography exhibition in London [photos]

South African photographer Trevor Stuurman will be presenting his ‘Life Through the Lens’ exhibition in London from 13 May.

Trevor Stuurman

Trevor Stuurman will be presenting his photography at the Doyle Wham gallery in London. Image via Twitter @trevor_stuurman

Award-winning photographer Trevor Stuurman will be flying the South African flag high in London with his solo photography exhibition at Doyle Wham, an art gallery dedicated to African photographers. As per The Guardian, Stuurman described Doyle Wham as a much-needed platform for African artists. 

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Doyle Wham is the brainchild of two London-based creatives, Imme Dattenberg-Doyle and Sofie Carreria-Wham. According to The Guardian, Dattenberg-Doyle and Carrieria-Wham started out by offering pop-ups and exhibitions of African photography. 

“We’d been sending each other incredible African photographers back and forth for some time via social media and we’d spent a lot of time going to exhibitions, but we didn’t see any of this exciting talent being shown,” said Carreria-Wham. 



Trevor Stuurman will be showcasing his Life Through the Lens photography exhibition at Doyle Wham between Friday 13 May and Thursday 2 July. 

Praising Doyle Wham, Stuurman said: “I feel like so much was stolen from Africa and it’s about reclaiming that.”

“That’s why I think photography is such a powerful medium – it allows us to retell the story and show what [the continent] looks like now – to cultivate a better understanding of what Africa is.”

Stuurman’s work at the art gallery will form part of the United Kingdom’s annual London Gallery Weekend.

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As per Financial Times, London Gallery Weekend runs between 13 May and 15 May and will welcome thousands of art enthusiasts. 

“In the first edition, we were focused on a very local audience. This year we can do a lot more and really open up to the rest of the United Kingdom and internationally, said London Gallery Weekend co-founder, Jeremy Epstein. 

18 artists from across the globe will be showcasing their work during the London Gallery Weekend. 

“The aim is to strengthen relationships between the country’s regional museums – several of which have struggled since the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Epstein.