Foxwood Festival returns with purpose. Image via Unsplash

Rejuvenation: Foxwood Festival returns with purpose

Foxwood festivalgoers will be able to enjoy visual arts, theatre performances, literature presentations, and more.


Foxwood Festival returns with purpose. Image via Unsplash

The Foxwood Festival is returning for its eighth year to celebrate art and bring love and kindness to the forefront.

“The founding of the Foxwood Festival was more than inspiration; it was paramount for us. Although popular work for the middle market in creative theatre is most important, work that explores new norms and moves boundaries did not have a secure standing room,” says festival organiser Pieter de Vos.

“It not only was a yearning to create alternative theatre, but we also wanted to present work that cannot be measured by commercial success. ‘Old’ and acclaimed work like that of Olga Kirsch, among others, was presented anew to the public,” he continues.

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Rejuvenation is an integral part of the Foxwood Festival, and each year visitors are offered something new.

“After all, a novel approach is part of the ‘old’ definition. Initially, we placed strong emphasis on food, but the market for food programmes was throttled with never-ending food productions – on the Internet, TV, in magazines – wherever you looked. Thanks to financial assistance and sponsorship support, we therefore started with online productions,” de Vos says.


The Foxwood Festival is taking place from 21-30 October, under the theme of love and human kindness.

Under the banner of this aptest theme for the eighth Foxwood Festival at their boutique venue in Houghton, Johannesburg, festival creators and organisers, Jan Groenewald and de Vos, are all set to treat visitors to a feast of the arts in every shape or form – with the emphasis on love and human kindness.

“At a time of conflict, strife, struggle and war in our warring world, on all sides, there is a dire need for hope and love, outreach and togetherness, hence the decision to celebrate love’s unifying power: from theatre, the creative arts and music, to health and the preservation of our cultural heritage, with a special celebratory presentation of Afrikaans as a firm foundation on which to plan and build going forward,” explains De Vos.

Festivalgoers will be able to enjoy visual arts, theatre performances, the unveiling of the Conservation Library, literature presentations, and more.

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