Refentse Morake: Bringing dive

Refentse Morake: Bringing diverse South African cultures together through the power of music

It is his dream to break barriers in the Afrikaans music industry.

Refentse Morake: Bringing dive

Afrikaans artist on the rise, Refentse Morake is breaking barriers and bringing people of all races, ages and cultural groups together through his music.

Morake (19), rose to success in 2015 after Cecilia Marchionna filmed him singing popular Afrikaans tunes in Vereeniging. It wasn’t long before he had the opportunity to make a career out of it and has been going strong ever since.

He recently spoke to eNCA in an interview that aired over the weekend as part of their Heritage Day coverage.

He told them that it is his dream to break barriers in the Afrikaans music industry, while using the latter to bridge racial divides in South Africa. When he performs, it brings people together. Age, race and culture simply doesn’t matter.

He continued to say that you should believe in your craft. “Believe in your craft, if you believe it and people will believe it, don’t be scared to show people and post it somewhere. Afrikaans is an African language just like isiZulu, Sesotho and Setswana. It belongs to all of us, it doesn’t belong to a certain race group.”

Dozi, popular Afrikaans artist known for hits such as ‘Ou Ryperd’ and ‘Tussen Jou en My’ is a Zulu speaker himself and said Morake is a force to be reckoned with on stage. “I like this young man I saw him on YouTube, we were phoned by a woman telling me he must sing with us.”

Morake has been on an exciting journey this far. He’s performed with Afrikaans favorites such as Karen Zoid, Ricus Nel and Dozi. Earlier this year, he also dropped his new album titled “Deur My Venster” which is available at the moment.

For more information or to see him in action, visit his Facebook page to see when he is in a town near you!

This young artist is said to be the epitome of a united SA and what a truly non-racial South Africa is capable of.